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The trouble with cosplay

As usual, today was spent with costumes. Once again, I did not finish them, but that's okay, I'm sure I can finish them tomorrow. ...Yeah, like I've been saying for almost a week. But this time, I really think I can, since all I have left are the frog closures and snaps. And if I don't finish the costumes, they can be fixed with safety pins. There are some things that might require an adventure to acquire, like comfortable black shoes.

Yesterday we watched Return of the Jedi. We rewatched the whole trilogy, and during all the movies, I thought, "You know, sometimes the dialogue in these things is kinda weird. Maybe I can't blame bad manga translations for the weird dialogue that keeps showing up in TV after all." And then I remembered that George Lucas is a Kurosawa fan, and I was like, "Hmmm..."

Today I'm thankful for really being almost finished with costumes, Mom and Steve buying us a big tin of those Belgian chocolate cookies at Costco, oh my goodness we're going to Disneyland in two days, getting the important accessories we needed, and getting to visit our sister and nephews.
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