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Just a short post to keep in the habit. Today was a day of, "No time for anything! Must work on costumes!" We were even about to eat, and I noticed something about the costumes, and then we didn't eat because the stress made me lose my appetite. This had rather negative consequences for Athena later which may need to be rectified with cookies (even though it's really late right now). Or Pringles. Or maybe we should go to bed. Anyway, the sad but happy thing about it is that it turned out the thing I thought was a problem actually wasn't, so I'd lost my appetite for no reason, but at least the costumes are looking pretty good.

And then we had people over and then we watched Burn Notice, instead of working on costumes. But you try working on costumes when there's a two-year-old hanging around trying desperately to get your attention. Hopefully I can finish the costumes tomorrow, but I have until Tuesday.

Today I'm thankful for making decent progress on costumes, the costumes looking pretty nice as far as we can tell, having peanut butter Drumsticks, getting ripe kupo nuts in Kingdom Hearts [chi], and making tall fences out of cutting boards.
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