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My Darling! Miss Bancho

Work on costumes has been a little extra challenging because Mom's sewing machine doesn't have a foot pedal. I don't know why they make sewing machines without foot pedals, but it seems like a step backward. You run the machine with a pedal so you have both hands free to guide the fabric. Oh well, maybe it has something to do with all the computeriness--they put so much other fancy stuff in there that they couldn't fit programming for a foot pedal.

In the meantime, Athena's been playing with our new rubber band bracelet loom to make some pretty spiffy bracelets.

And we have more manga to talk about!

My Darling! Miss Bancho

I think this series remains one of our favorites ever that we've translated, and I'll admit, part of it has to do with the exclamation point in the middle of the title. It's just so much more fun that way. But it wasn't that way in the Japanese title...or was it? I think it was, "Aa, Itoshi no Bancho-sama!", with the exclamation point at the end, but I don't remember.

This series tells the story of a girl who goes to a technical high school, so she'll be able to get a job real fast and not be a burden on her single mother any more than necessary...and it turns out that, while the school is not an all boys' school, the boys there are so scary that no other girl has any interest in going there. By scary, we mean, like constant gang fighting in order to determine who rules the school (by virtue of being the strongest). Souka (our heroine) accidentally knocks out the current top dog, and therefore is made Bancho. She keeps the title because, scary though the boys may be, they still have a shred of chivalry and so refuse to beat up a girl.

It's a hilarious series, made even funnier by the fact that it was based on the artist's little brother's real life technical school. The characters are all super fun, and we both totally fell in love with the leading male, Yuuji Katou (who got his name from the fact that apparently all the Japanese series about troubled teens have a main character named Katou, which, incidentally, is Sulu's name in the Japanese dub of Star Trek). He's like the most perfect guy ever, and his dream is to be a firefighter.

The really sad thing about this series is that it was never complete. First, CMX got shut down before they managed to publish more than one volume, and second, the manga artist had health problems and so there hasn't been any more of the manga in Japan since volume five. We found Mayu Fujikata's blog a while ago, but she hasn't updated it in, like, two years, so hopefully she's still alive, in a much less demanding career.

I don't remember anything standing out translation-wise about this series. It may have been one of the ones where the dialogue just flowed naturally, like quoting your favorite movie. It also might not have been. We don't really remember. Thinking back, there was a dialect that wasn't Kansai, but that was in a later volume. There was definitely a cowboy who showed up in volume two (which we translated, but it was never published), and we tried to make him sound like a cowboy, but no one will ever know if we succeeded. ...Unless we make our translation public for some reason, but eh. He had cheerleaders, too, because when Fujikata-sensei thinks about America, she thinks about cowboys and cheerleaders. She wasn't afraid to commit to silliness, either, so it was all over the top fun.

So we'll just give it a two and a half on the translation-difficulty scale.

Our favorite character of course is Yuuji. He can do anything, and he uses that talent to take care of his family. But all the characters are really great. Yuuji's friends are hilarious. One of them is named Mirai, so his nickname is Future. Athena's remembering that we had trouble deciding how to spell Reiichi's nickname--if we just spelled it Reich, it would look like Reich, as in the Third Reich. But we wanted it to sound like a nickname for Rachel. Checking our script, it looks like we went with Reich after all. I wonder how people pronounced it in their heads. And then there's Shun-Shun, who we really liked because he seemed like a typical Akira Ishida character. We were hoping one day there would be a CD drama or an anime, but alas...

And of course there's Souka. We love Souka, because she's a good Bancho, but not because she's a tough girl--because she's a good person, with a strong will.

I was also kind of hoping I had more to say about this series, because it really is one of our favorites, but I got nothing. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for being introduced to great manga through work, getting to reminisce about My Darling! Miss Bancho, progress being made on costumes, spiffy new rubber band bracelets, and this week's fun episode of Castle.
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