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Night Head Genesis

Whoa, we're actually updating LiveJournal at our normal time today! This is made possible by the fact that we're finally all caught up on work again, and our current project involves sewing. And I still have to ask Mom how her sewing machine works. Page was very helpful, though. She would lie down on the fabric and occasionally attack it while I was trying to cut stuff out. Very helpful when trying to stall. (I don't like sewing much. (But I do like having new costumes!))

And I think it's about time we got back to our commemorative multi-part series.

Night Head Genesis

This is another series we had seen the anime of before we were assigned the manga. There are a lot less of those after 2008, but I think this was...yeah, it was in October 2008. It's about a couple of brothers who have psychic powers--the older, Naoto, one can move stuff with his mind, and the younger one, Naoya, can see into the minds of whoever he touches. Or whomever, if you want to be especially grammatical. Naoya is a very sensitive boy, and somehow everyone he touches is either a psychopath or had a horribly abused childhood or something, so he tends to scream a lot. They bought him gloves at one point. That was a good day. We just kept wanting to introduce him to someone like Honey-sempai, so he could not be traumatized if he accidentally touched him.

Anyway, the idea behind the psychic powers is that whole thing about how humans only use, like, 10% of their brains, or whatever it is. I think the number has changed since the series started, but it was originally a live-action TV show from the 80's or 90's. We were tempted import DVDs of the original series, but we decided that would be a bad financial decision. Anyway, the psychic powers come from the parts of the brain that aren't being used, and there are a bunch of people who are...evolved enough, I guess? to access those parts of their brains, so it becomes kind of like X-Men, or actually maybe more like Agents of SHIELD, because the secret facilities are more like science labs than a fancy school. And people don't grow wings, they just develop mental powers.

When we got the assignment, Del Rey Boss pointed out that it was "Definitely less of a headache than Negima!", and boy is that true. She described it as a "paranormal suspense" series, and while the paranormal stuff might take a lot of explanation, the suspense part means lots of big pictures with not much text. And since they didn't spend a lot of time on technical explanations, even better! It got to be pretty melodramatic sometimes, but in a fun kind of way, so that was nice, too.

The sad part about this series is that it was only three volumes long, but we're pretty sure the third volume was never published, because that was right around the time Del Rey became Kodansha USA. But we still got to translate it, so at least we weren't left hanging. Too bad for the people who bought the manga and liked it, though, but since Kodansha USA didn't finish it up, we're guessing there weren't a whole lot of them. If you happen to be one of those people, though, just watch the anime. It's less condensed and therefore less confusing. It's also a lot like Weiss Kreuz, for anyone who remembers that series.

On the translation difficulty scale, I think I'll give it a three, because I do remember there being a little bit of technical stuff, like about AIDS research or something. And of course our favorite character is Naoya, and I think that would be true even if he hadn't been voiced in the anime by one of our favorite voice actors (Akira Ishida). He's just so cute, trying so hard through all his trauma.

Today I'm thankful for getting a good start on our costumes, getting to use Mom's good cloth scissors (oh my goodness, so much easier than using whatever scissors happen to be lying around that may or may not have been used frequently in the past to open Otter Pops), getting to translate Night Head Genesis, Page not pining for the out of doors after getting a taste of it this morning, and the beautiful weather outside.
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