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Interrupted by cats

Whew, we managed to finish our work for today! This would be especially awesome if it had happened yesterday, because technically our new Kingdom Hearts deadline is on Monday, and we haven't even started it yet! Fortunately, we've already emailed our boss about it, and she says it shouldn't be a problem. But of course we'll try to get it in as soon as possible.

In the meantime, LJ posting gets interrupted by the fact that one of Mom's cats decided to sit right where our computers are, and Page wanted to come hang out with us, but Storm would have none of it. And we were like, "Hey! You knew this is where we always sit, and you knew that our cat likes to hang out with us, so you can just deal with it!" But Page didn't want to risk it, so we went to hang out with Page, and then we watched The Empire Strikes Back, and we didn't manage to get back to the computer until 11:30. Oy.

Today I'm thankful for finishing today's work quota, having a pretty good idea that this volume of Kingdom Hearts won't take very long (there's a very slight chance we'll be able to get it in by the end of Monday if we work tomorrow), the new Heartless at Kingdom Hearts [chi], having more opportunities to earn Mog Medals, and there not being an epic kitty battle today.
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