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What to do, what to do...

We're still trying to decide which Halloween costumes to wear to our ward party. Our first idea was to be Donald and Goofy for the recognition factor, but for some reason I got this crazy idea in my head that those outfits don't look costume-y enough. Athena assures me that at least the Donald one does, so I know that that idea was in fact brought on by some insane delusion, and we'll probably just go with it.

But then we could also be Eisen and Yasuaki from HarukaNaru Toki no Nakade, and tell everyone that we're a Buddhist priest and a yin-yang master, and those will definitely look like costumes. Plus, Yasuaki wears Halloween colors. Still, Donald and Goofy have the added benefit of being easy to put on. But I think Athena would be warmer as Yasuaki, and it's getting cold.

Lacus and Meer are cute, but we'd probably be bombarded with these questions: "And what are you dressed as?" and, "Isn't that skirt a little short?" Though, thinking about it, short skirts seem to be something people comment on in whispers to their friends, rather than to the person wearing the skirt. I guess we could tell people that we're music stars, since that's technically what Lacus and Meer are.

Risa and Riku are cute, too, and people would probably not bother asking what we are, because they'd just assume we're cheerleaders.

Gah, I hate making decisions.

Tonight we get to watch Butch Hartman Halloween Specials! Yay! I'm also thankful for candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.
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