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So...this last week kind of exploded. Technically, it really started when we got a non-manga job that was supposed to be a short, fun little thing that turned into The Project of Doom!, but I like to say it started when we got home from the Family History Center on Tuesday. We got back to the house right as Mom was leaving with Logan for the night. He had tears in his eyes as he kept repeating the phrase, "I want Mama, Dada." It was so pitiful and so cute. But he couldn't see his mom and dad, because they had gone to the hospital to have his brother induced. It was the beginning of Logan's stay with Grandma.

Mom had been charged with babysitting Boy 1 during the whole "little brother coming into the world and mother recovery" thing, and recovery is taking a little extra long because Sarah ended up needing another C-section. So she didn't get out of the hospital until last night, and in the meantime, we had Logan almost all the time. We didn't think it was going to be a problem, because when it was all being planned, we kept hearing stuff about how Grandma and Grandpa were going to go stay with Logan at his home so he wouldn't have to deal with too much change. Turns out, that only applied to where the kid slept at night, so he was here at the house most of the time.

For the first day, we ended up being in charge of him practically all day. That was okay, though, because we were still waiting for material on the Project of Doom, and it was before we started getting successive emails from other bosses giving us other things that needed doing ASAP. For some reason, everyone needed everything done ASAP this whole last week, and all the while, we were trying to keep an eye on a very energetic toddler. As a result, we had no time to update LiveJournal, which is why we disappeared for almost a week.

On Thursday, Mom took over, and made sure Logan stayed out of our hair while we worked. That was when we discovered that phone calls and toddlers don't mix. The second Mom got a phone call, the kid started his shenanigans, like dumping a whole bag of candy corn M&M's onto the couch's drink holder/food tray thing. (Couches these days; they're really something.) Also, we felt really bad about it, because we weren't the only ones swamped with work--Mom was, too! We spent almost all day working...or it felt like it, anyway, but when we added up the hours, it didn't seem like that long. And we didn't manage to finish the Project of Doom, so we were planning to do that on Friday...

...but we got an email saying the project was canceled. That was a relief, until we were told we needed to organize the files differently and send them all in again. That ended up taking waaay longer than it should have. Do I wish we'd just done it right the first time? Of course I do, but we couldn't have because of the way everything went down. And since we were getting paid by the hour and had already put in more hours than we were slated to work, and it was looking like it could have taken four more hours (it was supposed to be twelve total), I stopped and sent in what I had. (Right, I ended up working on most of it by myself because of all the technical and logistical difficulties.) It was really a lot more trying than it seems like. I mean, seriously, I tell people about it, feeling like it was this horribly trying time, and when I hear the story from my own mouth, I'm like, "Dude, what was your problem?" There were a lot of aspects that seem like they shouldn't have been as bad as they were, but I want to at least comfort myself by saying maybe the reason it took so much longer to do some of it was that we were trying so hard to be careful and do a good job.

Anyway, the more interesting stuff, of course, involves the nephews. We have two now! It's more exciting now that we know they grow up to be interesting. (Some of you may remember our lack of enthusiasm when Logan was born. Sorry, newborns. It's not personal, I promise.) We did go to the hospital to visit little Mickey (that's my own personal nickname for him; I think most people will go with something more standard and boring), and he was a baby. You know how it is. Logan got to see him later, and when he came back, we asked him if he liked his little brother. He said, "Yeah." We weren't sure how sincere he was, because "yeah" is his standard response to any question he's not paying attention to, but he did seem pretty possessive of the coloring book Mickey "gave" him. (It was suggested to Sarah that, to start the new relationship off on a good foot, it might help to buy the older child a gift and tell him it's from the younger child. And Logan looooves coloring.)

The next day, we were told Logan's parents were coming home from the hospital, and when we asked him if he was excited to see his little brother, he said, "I wan see baby!" So we think he really does like having a little brother.

And today, we took Logan to the fair. He had a grand adventure, which, fortunately for the rest of us, only lasted about ten minutes. But first, I should probably mention that they had a really cool dinosaur exhibit with animatronic dinosaurs! Logan was a little intimidated by the (rather small, I felt) T-rex, but he liked to admire it from afar. That, however, has nothing to do with Logan's grand adventure.

I guess he just got tired of being pushed around (in the stroller) and not having any control over his life. We had just played a carnival game where Steve won him an elephant pillow pal type plush, and a bunch of pictures were taken (the kid's mom didn't get to come with him; the least we could do was show her pictures). Mom and Steve got distracted looking at the pictures, and I'm not sure at what point Logan got out of the stroller and started pushing it himself, but that's what happened. We followed the kid to make sure he didn't get into any trouble, and the next thing we knew, we'd lost sight of the grownups. We figured we'd wander around for a while, and eventually Logan would get distracted with something and stop, at which point we could look around and see if we could find the rest of our party. But Logan never stopped. He just kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny! He almost stopped on the stairs to the outdoor stage (where they were about to have a belly-dancing performance), but quickly changed his mind and kept going and going again.

Eventually, I pulled out my phone to see if I could contact Mom...and my phone was dead. So we were lost and had no way to communicate. And Logan wouldn't stop!

Finally, Athena caught him, looked him straight in the eye and explained that we'd lost Grandma and Grandpa, we didn't have a phone, and we needed him to get in the stroller so we could go look for them. Immediately, he got back in the stroller, and about a minute later, our group was reunited. Tadah! This is why I never buy it when people tell me, "Don't bother trying to explain it to the two-year-old--he won't understand." They totally understand, people.

Then we took him to the area with all the kiddie rides and games, and he got to ride a little train and win a little seahorse plush (by picking rubber duckies out of a little pond). I think he may have been too tired at that point to appreciate it, though. But on the way home, he did sleepily tell Athena, "I wan ri(d)e choo-choo." He fell asleep in the car, and we're told that when he woke up in his own home, the first thing he said was, "I wan see baby!" Awwww!

Today I'm thankful for the prospect of maybe (just possibly) having time again next week, the cool dinosaur animatronics at the fair, having material for our Halloween costumes (we took Logan to the fabric store with us--Mom took him and split off in search of material for her own various projects, and while we were looking for fabric, we heard from another corner of the store, "Thea! Thea! Thea!"), having big bags of kettle corn, and the pretty dresses Mom bought for us at the fair.
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