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This weekend was full of pretty much the same type of stuff most of our weekends are filled with these days, except that instead of playing with the nephew Saturday morning, we went to a family history conference. The conference was pretty cool--there were, like, professional genealogists there, and listening to them talk made it seem like family history research is a real thing that people can actually do. One of the speakers we listened to even talked about how she has this gig at the local library where she'll set up her computer and a projector, and people will come in with their "brick walls" (the people on their family tree that they can't seem to possibly find any kind of record on), and she just helps them find those people while people watch.

The sad thing about it, though, is that later we discovered that Logan was really looking forward to seeing us yesterday. In fact, Sarah tells us that when she was putting him to bed on Friday, she asked what he wanted to do the next day, and his face lit up and he said, "Thea!" But when we got back from the conference, he was asleep. (At this point we just take it for granted that any given Saturday will involve Sarah and Logan and maybe Sarah's husband being at the house.) And when he woke up, we were eating lunch, and then his grandpa came and he and his dad left to do stuff. So we didn't get to see much of the nephew yesterday.

But we did get to go to a pretty cool bakery and watch the General Relief Society broadcast. The original plan was to get donuts, but we don't have any 24-hour donut shops here, so you can't get donuts after two. It was about four, so no donuts for us. I was so looking forward to them, too... But! the bakery had some pretty cool stuff. Athena got a chocolate crinkle (not sure on the spelling, but that's what they called it; it was a chocolate chocolate chip cookie dipped in powdered sugar), and I got a peanut butter bar with chocolate topping. We both really liked what we got, so now we have to go back and each get the other thing. And! they make cookie ice cream sandwiches. I'm not sure if they allow that with the chocolate crinkles, but if they do...

So we watched the broadcast, and it was pretty awesome as usual, and then we all went to a local sandwich shop called Sequoia for dinner. When we got there, we saw our bishop's wife there with her sisters, and Mom thought that was a pretty cool thing, so she texted Steve about it. And this is where we learned how bad autocorrect can really be. She wanted to say, "Saw [bishop's wife] and sisters at Sequoia." But the message sent said, "Saw [bishop's wife] and distress at Sequoia." Then we all started eating and nobody gave it a second thought until Sarah and I both got a text from Steve, asking us to ask Mom to respond to his text to her. He was very concerned about this "distress" business.

That, in and of itself, is just your average, "Darn you, autocorrect!" story. But when Celeste tried to compose a response to "who is in distress?" ("all sisters everywhere, because..." something about autocorrect), apparently every time she typed a word, autocorrect changed it to something else. Unless it was something she had typed incorrectly, and then it was left as-is. Way to defeat the purpose of your existence, autocorrect.

Mom said that's why she hates texting, and we all replied that that's why she needs to text more, because we're pretty sure autocorrect gets less silly if you use it more often and it has a chance to learn what kinds of words you generally type.

But the most important part of the whole story is that, when we left Sequoia, I suggested that, since GameStop was in the same parking lot area, we should go over there and pick up one of them fancy new Legend of Zelda Wii U bundles. I should have known that every time we suggest going to GameStop after having a General Conference-related girls' night, it ends with us actually buying stuff that maybe we shouldn't. This time, we even ended up parking in the 10-minute parking space, and everyone else waited in the car while we went into the store. And yet they were all surprised when we really came back out with a Wii U. With just ten minutes, did they think we would shop around and come out with something else? (In their defense, we have been known to say, "We totally want to buy this thing!" then go shop for it and decide that we really don't need it so no thank you after all.)

Well, we told the whole situation to the girl at the counter, and she was perfectly happy to let us sort it all out without influencing our opinion one way or another, save to say that yes, they did have that particular Wii U bundle in stock. We did have to think about it for a while, but ultimately we decided that if we were going to upgrade to a Wii U eventually anyway, we might as well do it when we could get a fancy Legend of Zelda one. It also helped that both Celeste and Sarah had expressed a desire to inherit our Wii, so we knew we could give it to a good home instead of just abandoning the game system that had been such a nice friend this last year and a third. On the other hand, now we're faced with the decision of who gets our Wii, but we have some ideas on that front.

And the important thing is that now we have a Wii U. The sadly funny thing about it is that it only comes with an HDMI cable, and we are still so backwards as to not have an HDTV. But we weren't thinking about setting it up until we had our own place anyway, so we'll deal with that problem when we come to it. (Or we could set it up at Mom's house right now, because Mom does have not one but two HDTVs.)

Today I'm thankful for having a shiny special edition Wii U, getting to try those fancy desserts from the bakery, getting to watch the Relief Society broadcast, getting to go to the family history conference, and nobody really being in distress last night.
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