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It's a vicious cycle

Smallville tonight made me very very tired. It was the kind of episode that made me wonder why we're still watching that show. And it would appear that the Smallville writers are extremely loyal to DC, and therefore are not familiar with Spider-Man. It's only libel if it's written.

It didn't help that I was already a little frustrated. I had called Mom to let her know that she doesn't have to pay us to borrow my red cape (she asked on Sunday if we would loan it to her, and we suggested that we rent it to her), and also to see if we could casually bring up the Japanese PS2, which would probably only confirm that we're on our own again.

I made it a point to call her tonight, because if she wanted something neat to wear under the cape, either she or I would need time to make it. I mentioned that we didn't have anything that goes with the cape, and she said she didn't have time to make anything, at which point I of course said that I did, because really, we have nothing but time. She seems to have taken it to mean that the entire thing was a scheme to get some money out of her. I didn't get a chance to ask about the PS2, though I did bring it up--we need to get started on that series so we can earn some rent money for February. Basically it was all very confusing and ended with her telling me she'd call me back, which she didn't.

I actually didn't expect Mom to call back, so I was surprised when the phone rang later. It was Dad, calling to see what was up. He saw some DN Angel books on sale at Barnes & Noble, so he bought volume 8 so he could show it off to people. We feel loved.

But then I got frustrated again, because he commented that the story was very convoluted. I pointed out that that's what happens when you start something from frickin' volume eight!, only much nicer because I'm more prone to type-yelling now that the frustration has had time to set in. To his credit, he did figure that that's why it was so confusing. I really wish people would realize that there's a reason these things are numbered, though. I'm tired of people starting things in the middle and then complaining about things not making sense or various other problems with the story that are only there because they don't have all the details.

And then we watched Smallville, and I was very very tired. "You shouldn't have come here, Chloe." Oy.

Everwood made things a little bit better. And then we came back and turned on Happy Seven: The TV Manga, and everything was happy until I reminded myself how frustrated I was earlier by typing this LJ entry. I'm such a masochist.

Anyway, Happy Seven!!!

Image hosted by

Doesn't the cosplayer within you just scream, "Make me one of those!"!?

Well, maybe not, since that picture's not the greatest in quality, but those costumes are so CUTE!!!! We should totally do a group.

As for the PS2 thing, looks like we're back to figuring out quick money-making schemes. We always sucked at that. I think this might be one of those times where we're made to realize that the Lord's time is not the same as our time, assuming He even wants to let us have a Japanese PS2 anyway. We're hoping the fact that it's a business expense now is a good sign. So tonight I'm thankful for our domestic PS2, our GameCube, the thing you put on the GC so you can play GBA games, the N64, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
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