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A whirlwind(?) of activity

It may be obvious from the lack of posts recently, but we've had a very busy weekend. Well, sort of. It was mostly a weekend of changing/non-changing plans. Kind of weird.

On Friday, we were planning to babysit Logan. Sarah had a doctor's appointment, and then she was committed to help set up for the ward activity, so we would babysit Logan and Jay until Jay's dad got off work, then we would continue to babysit Logan until the activity was over. Then it was realized that there was a conflict with Harry Potter night, so we were informed that Sarah found another babysitter instead. The next thing we knew, Sarah was walking in the door with the toddlers. Apparently Jay's mother was more comfortable with leaving her son in the hands of somebody she already knew. Understandable, but the lack of communication was a little frustrating. Oh well.

This is normally where I'd tell a cute toddler story, but I'm not sure I can remember any. This weekend was very busy.

Logan's dad came to pick him up, and he asked if we were going to the activity. We said no, we'd be staying for Harry Potter, because the sixth movie was one of two we hadn't seen. He said we weren't missing much, and we said that's what we'd heard, but we wanted to at least see it once. He was right--we hadn't been missing much. There's almost no color in that movie. But Dumbledore did a really good job.

Saturday involved plans that actually did change. We were going to go to Clovis Fest with Sarah, because we were on a mission to get name necklaces. We're just getting a little too fed up with all the talk behind our backs about "how do I tell them apart? do they always dress the same?" etc. etc. We do always dress in the same style, but we only wear matching dresses at church...which is really the only place we see people these days. So we figured if people were too intimidated by their inability to tell us apart (even though we're already together, so if you just say, for example, "Hey, Alethea!" the correct one will respond) to talk to us, we would remove that excuse. All the local fair-type events seem to have a booth somewhere where somebody makes a necklace with your name, so Clovis Fest seemed like a good place to accomplish our purpose.

So Sarah showed up in the morning while we were just waking up (because Logan doesn't really know the meaning of "sleep in"), and since we knew she was here, we got ready to go. We went out to have breakfast and talk, and that was about when Sarah said, "I don't know if you've heard about this, but apparently you're joining Mom and Steve in their visit to Celeste." Well, we like Celeste and her husband pretty well, and they said we could go to Clovis Fest later, so we weren't too broken up about the change in plans, and off we went.

It would have been a really fun visit, except for the big problem with it. It was my fault. We were waiting for our food at Red Robin's, and I said something that I shouldn't have. I realized my mistake and apologized, but it was too late. Things were more than tense when our food arrived. Celeste's husband didn't miss a beat, though. Immediately, he said, "So who wants to drive home and get the elephant?" XD

The next few hours were pretty strained. We finished eating and then Celeste and her husband went home while the rest of us went straight to Clovis Fest. At that point we got to split up, and Athena and I went right to work on our quest. Sure enough, there was a wire jeweler, and we each got a necklace with our name on it from this guy. We also decided to get heart charms, because with different colored crystals, people would be able to distinguish the different necklaces more easily from a distance. That was the hard part, though, because we told the guy that we wanted charms, and he said well he has all these birthstones, and we were like, "Yeah, but we want them to be different colors because here's why," and he said, "Yeah, that won't really work for you."

And all the colors were so pretty, it was hard to choose! So eventually we decided that since we claim the entire month of both April and May for our birthdays, we could get an April birthstone and a May birthstone. Plus we really liked the green one, and he had a nice rainbowy one for April instead of a boring clear one. I guess he chose carefully because his birthday's in April, too. Athena got April and I got May, because she's older and I'm younger.

He said it would take about forty-five minutes to finish them, so then we got to take a more leisurely look around, but we mostly just wandered and talked. We did go into the music store to see if they had any cool sheet music. Of course they did, but we didn't buy any because we don't have a piano right now, and even when we get our piano back, I'll probably spend all my practice time on choir numbers and Kingdom Hearts. Still...

After that we came home and hid until our nephew came back and was looking for us. Unbeknownst to us, there were plans for a BYU vs Utah football party. Another couple was going to be coming with their two small daughters, so we were going to be assaulted by toddlers yet again. They were all super cute, though, so that part wasn't really a problem. The oldest girl was fun because she can talk enough to hold conversations with (she's three). She constantly lamented to us that she couldn't grow bigger, while we insisted that she should enjoy her littleness while she can. She also lamented her lack of a tail, but fortunately she was okay with just pretending for that one. She also found the little Alphabet Train (actually we got it out for her) and rode it around all night, much to the chagrin of Logan who wanted a turn.

It was so adorable, because she would ride back and forth from the room where we were watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks and the room everyone else was watching football, and sometimes she had one of the younger kids riding behind her. So she was willing to share to an extent, but when Logan finally got his turn, she watched like a vulture for him to get off. He knew she was watching, too, so he stayed firmly in place until the blocks were too tempting to resist. Not a second after he left to get one, she was there in his place. We tried to tell her no, it was Logan's turn, and she tried to tell us no, he was done with it, despite Logan's very pouty face.

The next day was Sunday, and the only plan that really changed was that we had been planning to spend time at the computer, and then Mom came out and said, "Hey, let's watch Merlin." So we did that instead. Yay!

And today our plans remained the same. We went with Sarah to look at apartments. We had a couple of places in mind, and we ended up going to three...and seeing zero. Two of the places have apartments coming available next month, and they had nice friendly atmospheres. The third one seemed really snooty, and their manager had a sign that said they would be back at 11:15, but was absent despite it being 11:30. We took one of their brochure thingies and discovered that they charge an extra $20 a month for having a pet. This type of policy irks me so much that I'd almost rather pay for a more expensive apartment than deal with it. Anyway, the bottom line is we're going to have to wait a couple of weeks or find a different place altogether.

Today I'm thankful for Sarah being nice enough to drive us all over the place, having pretty name necklaces with pretty crystals, getting to watch more episodes of Merlin, getting to spend some time with adorable toddlers, and making some progress in regard to finding a place to live.
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