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More adventures in babysitting

I'm feeling a little out of it now, and no doubt part of it has to do with the fact that we've been listening to the IRS's on-hold music for the past hour (we didn't call them--Mom's an accountant, and she likes to use speaker phone). It would be cool if they were like our bank or something, where they play a variety of classical music pieces, or like Disneyland hold music where, of course, they play Disney music, but it's been the same few bars of minimalist easy-listening for literally an hour. I think it's having an effect on my thought processes, as indicated by the fact that I typed "my" twice (but deleted it when Athena pointed out the mistake).

The other part of it probably has to do with our not making it to the computer until late this afternoon, and our determination to read everything that's been posted on our Facebook feed since last night. Reading lots of articles in a row tends to make me forget where I am in real life. What did happen today, anyway?

Athena says, "Toddlers."

And she is correct! Sarah had a doctor's appointment today, so we babysat our nephew and her regular babysitting charge. It's always harder when there are two of them, especially when one of them *coughLogancough* refuses to share. Fortunately the other kid is pretty easygoing about it...until he starts sitting on my computer chair. That's when Logan says (not literally--he's not that good a talker yet), "No, I want to sit on the computer chair!" And no, of course they can't sit on the same chair. So Jay's halfway on the chair, and Logan climbs onto the chair, ultimately sitting on top of Jay... It really wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't thought it was a good idea to start putting the crayons away. Seriously, what was I thinking? (<--not sarcastic.)

On the bright side, blowing bubbles has become a more enjoyable activity now that we realize that bubble solution behaves better when you don't store it in the hot hot hot garage. ("Hot" was repeated deliberately this time.) Also, now I know most of the lyrics to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song! (But Athena had to remind me of the melody, because that IRS on-hold music really takes hold of your brain. I wonder if it's a conspiracy...)

So I was trying to come up with a cute Logan story to tell so it wouldn't seem all like, "Ugh...I hate toddlers..." (they tire us out, but we like 'em, except when they're being sticky and refuse to stop), but it really does seem like he spent all day just taking stuff away from the other kid. We decided to go to the park, but before we got too far on our way, Logan had to come back and get the stroller. We thought it was a nice idea, since he likes to push the stroller, for him to push Jay, since Jay is younger and smaller, but Logan was against it. He decided he would ride in the stroller instead of pushing it, and even at the park, almost all he did was "let" Athena push him around the playground. We tried to bribe him into giving Jay a turn by promising him a cookie, but he decided he'd rather not have a cookie.

Finally, we got him to share the letting Jay push him. Punk kid.

And actually, I think that story is pretty cute, too, but that kind of behavior really ought to be discouraged. Another super cute thing Logan did today is when Mom was making him lunch, and in the meantime, she kept giving him spoonfuls of peanut butter...

...wait a second, it's a miracle! Someone at the IRS picked up! The music is gone!

Okay, so Logan kept asking for more spoonfuls of peanut butter, and Mom said, "If I give you more, I'm going to get in trouble with your mom. Do you want me to get in trouble with your mom?" And with no hesitation, Logan replied, "Yeah." XD

(In his defense, that's Logan's standard answer for any question he's not really paying attention to. Sometimes he realizes his mistake and amends his answer to "no," but usually it doesn't matter.)

Athena told Sarah the story later, but the punchline was lost on her, because she got stuck at the "in trouble" thing. She was like, "I don't care if Mom gives him peanut butter."

Today I'm thankful for more cute toddler stories, getting to go to Jamba Juice, the IRS finally finally finally picking up the phone, having a forecast of consistently lower than 100 degree highs, and the cookies Sarah made us to thank us for babysitting. (We should get a Gakuen Babysitters icon. In the meantime, Kyo buried in cats has a very similar sentiment. XD)
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