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Well, the stuffy nose I had attributed to a sinus infection has started to affect my throat, so we've been trying to take it easy today. We did do a little work on Saiyuki Ibun, but then they were reciting from the Lotus Sutra, and it took a lot longer to find the passage they were quoting from than we expected. It's a little extra hard, because the Japanese translation of the Lotus Sutra isn't exactly normal Japanese, so when we're looking for the English equivalent, it's a lot harder than just translating it in our heads and looking for key words. So after about forty minutes, we got through about four pages, which is ridiculously slow because this series is not text-heavy.

Anyway, short post today to facilitate more rest.

Today I'm thankful for finally finding that passage from the Lotus Sutra, plans to have refried beans and chips for dinner tonight, having some new candy bars to try, finding a potential resource for tracking down our Scottish ancestors, and finally getting to play some more Ace Attorney today.
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