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Captain Animate returns!

Not that anybody was waiting with bated breath or anything, but sorry for not getting back to this sooner. We really did mean to get it up like a month and a half ago. So here it finally is! And for those of you who may have missed the first two installments, the first one can be found here and the second one is here.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!

(a siren goes off)
Lamica: Red alert!
       We have a shoplifter, Saikoubi-san!
CoCo: Roger!
(CoCo pushes a button, activating the security robot. Customers start to panic.)
Lamica: Attention customers!
       We have an emergency situation!
       Please be patient; we are very sorry!
       (to CoCo) What’s the situation?
CoCo: The target has broken through the first line of security!
Lamica: It can’t be!
CoCo: He’s above us!
       He’s planning to escape from the ceiling!
Lamica: Don’t underestimate Animate’s security!
       Fire the death ray!
(death ray is fired)
CoCo: No good! The target avoided it!
Lamica: Blast! He got away!?
CoCo: Huh?
       The target’s stopped.
       He’s coming back!
Lamica: Huh?
CoCo: He’s outside the shutters.
Lamica: What’s going on?
(shutters open, revealing an out of breath shoplifter)
Anizawa: Haa, haa…
Lamica: Captain!?
Anizawa: I’m sorry, Lamica-kun.


Original Work: Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Scenario: Ryunosuke Kingetsu

Anizawa Meito: Tomokazu Seki
Hoshii Lamica: Miki Nagasawa
Saikoubi CoCo: Hiromi Tsunakake

Oh! This time, we compressed the sound into an mp3 file, so it won't be as big a file. I know, we only have one this time. Hopefully we can get something better for Lamica in the future.


Image hosted by
Hoshii Lamica (星井ラミカ)
A part-timer who loves lami-cards and boys’ love books. Not only is she cute, but she can do her job. Her habit of making strong assumptions can sometimes cause injury. She moved to Tokyo from the country because she longed for the capital, where you can see lots of anime. When she gets worked up, she slips back into her native accent. Her hobby is collecting badges.

CV: Miki Nagasawa
1) Tell us about your character.
I was reminded today of how much she really loves boys’ love. Before I knew it, Lamica became a Tohoku native (laugh). (translators’ note: Tohoku refers to the six northernmost prefectures of Honshu, the main island in Japan, and includes Fukushima, where Miki Nagasawa grew up.)

2) Of all of the characters, which you best relate to?
The ones that really made me think, “That’s me,” are all the Weiss members. I was really impressed by their talk about Gundam.

3) Tell us your thoughts about acting in this drama.
I think it’s amazing that what started as a short story published for the store developed into such a big CD drama. I want it to develop even further, until it becomes a movie (laugh).

4) Give us a comment about Captain Animate.
Please stop acting in the heat of the moment (laugh).
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