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Toddler hijinks

It's been another busy weekend, although I admit much of yesterday was taken up watching Burn Notice with Mom. But then Steve got here with dinner for them, so we stopped watching in the middle of episode three, which was sad, because so far that episode is the most interesting. The show itself is kind of weird for me, because the story is fascinating, but the main guy's attitude really gets on our nerves sometimes. So I like the story but so far I don't really like the characters, which makes it a little harder to watch. Usually if I don't like the characters, I don't like the story, either, and that's what makes it weird.

So...yesterday we went to the vineyard. There's really not a lot to tell about that; it was pretty much the same as always. We got up way earlier than is reasonable, went to the vineyard, and picked grapes until they were all picked. Or mostly all picked anyway. And the ward leaders brought Snickers bars, which so far has been the best way to keep blood sugar up that we've experienced since going to the vineyard. We do miss donuts, though. The last time we had donuts (aside from the pre-packaged kind you get at the grocery store) was almost a year ago, when we were coming home from Universal Studios. Aw man, now I want donuts.

Anyway, there have been some cute episodes with the nephew. Soon after I posted on Friday, Sarah called and asked if she could bring the kids over (Logan and the other boy she babysits), because she had been out on futile errands and Logan wanted a game. So they came over and we entertained the kids. At one point, Mom gave Logan some bubbles, so we were playing with those for a while. We grownups get tired of bubbles really fast, though--not that we don't like bubbles (they're awesome), but that bubbles are hard enough to make when you don't have toddlers trying to make them with you. And one of the toddlers likes to use the bubble wand as a lollipop. It's kind of funny and sad when he inevitably gets to the point where he can make a bubble just by opening his mouth.

So we were pretty happy when the boys got distracted climbing around Mom's garden. But then Logan remembered the bubbles and came back to ask for a wand. I was reluctant, but since Logan had been calling his friend "Sarah" repeatedly for the last few minutes, I thought this might be an opportunity to bribe him to change his ways. So when he asked for the bubble wand, I asked him to say "Jay" (the kid's name isn't Jay, but it starts with J, so that's his code name), instead of asking him to say please. So Logan very politely, and very deliberately, said, "Sarah." This conversation repeated a few times, until his mother made him look at her, showed him her teeth (to indicate what you need to do with your mouth to make the sound), and said, "Go 'juh, juh.'" Logan did that and I figured it was close enough.

And so Logan doesn't steal the whole show, before that, the kids had just barely gotten distracted with the garden, when Jay realized that Logan wasn't there to be bossy. So he came toward me to get more bubbles, and I was like, "Uuuuugh," but then he said "bubble" so clearly that I couldn't refuse. Logan's nine months older than the kid, and he still insists on calling bubbles "boo." But thanks to the Sarah incident, we have determined that this is probably not a failing of Logan's intelligence, but more an indication that he prefers a minimalist language system.

Then there was sacrament meeting today, where Logan was playing mostly quietly with another girl, and after being a little bit selfish at the beginning (refusing to share his puzzle pieces), he showed some very nice examples of being polite. First, the two children managed to work together on the puzzle, but the little girl's arms were in the way of where he wanted to put his piece. So he said, "Scuse me, Sarah." (I probably don't need to tell you that the girl's name is not Sarah.) Then later, the girl had a magnetic hangman game, and Logan wanted to play with it, too, so he said, "Sarah, I want share. Please?" Soooooo cute! Athena has a theory that the girl may be more willing to share (she was adamantly against sharing, to the extent that her father (sitting in the pew in front of us) turned around and asked her if she was going to be nice, and she responded by solemnly shaking her head no) if Logan learned to call her by her real name.

Today I'm thankful for the bubble solution not being in an obvious place, Page being super adorable while also not getting her fur all over Steve's new rug (she found it, investigated it, and decided the couch was more desirable to sit on), having the opportunity to serve in the vineyard, being done at the vineyard, and having plenty of chocolate to look forward to later.
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