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Still working on the whole weekend schedule thing. This weekend was packed with nephew! ...Actually, that was just yesterday. Friday was packed with Harry Potter. Or Friday night was, anyway. This time we were determined not to make any comments about our artistic differences with the director, and we succeeded, but oh my goodness it was hard. We still think Fawkes should have been prettier, and the basilisk looked like an eel, not a snake! And why the heck did Harry climb onto that statue? It's like he was deliberately trying to make the battle harder on himself--the footing on that statue was definitely not ideal for fighting giant creatures that could easily knock you onto the ground and fracture your skull.

...Anyway. Yesterday we went to the zoo, and we think we found the bird that Fawkes design was based on! And we were still like, "Yeah, I would have chosen a different bird." It was some kind of eagle that I didn't remember the name of. Bateleur Eagle, Athena tells me. And now I remember how she remembered, because it was so cute.

Of course Logan came with us, and this time, whenever we came up to an animal that looked like it might pay attention, he would call out to it in a kind of sing-song voice. But he doesn't know the names of most of the animals, and he doesn't like experimenting with new words too much (unless he can get something out of it), at least not in front of people other than his mom, so he goes with his default name for anyone whose name he doesn't know or can't say/remember, which is also his mother's first name. So he'd call to all the animals, "Saaaraaah!" And then we'd help out by calling the animals real name, for example, "Leeemuuur!" (Thinking on it now, that's probably like calling out to someone, "Huuumaaan!" but oh well.) It was adorable with the red-ruffed lemurs, because they were all taking a nap in the shade of a rock, but one of them was having a hard time getting to sleep, so as we kept calling out to them, it would open its eyes (perhaps in frustration?). Then Logan would get all excited because it was looking at us!

Anyway, the point is, that eagle is one of the ones Logan tried calling to, so he would go, "Saaaraaah!" and we would go, "Baaateleur eagle!"

But the best part of the story is that he knows the tiger's name--it's Rah. (Or "rar," but he's still working on ending words with consonants.) So at the tiger enclosure, he would call out, "Raaah raaah!"

Also at the zoo, we were fortunate enough to run into a bunch of extra zookeeper instructive thingies. For example, we happened upon some of the monkeys when the zookeepers were feeding them, so we got to ask them about the boy monkey, his girlfriend, and their daughter. It really makes me wonder what it would take for monkeys to be considered married, because the zookeeper seemed to be deliberately avoiding the word "wife." At any rate, the baby monkey was super cute, and while the zookeepers feed them, they make them show their hands and feet and stuff--it's like a physical exam, only with bribery. We also got to see that for the river otters, and as we were leaving the zoo, we happened upon a presentation where a couple of zookeepers were talking about one of their baby porcupines. It was so cute, because they brought her out of her enclosure, so she was crawling all over the zookeepers during the whole thing.

Then we all came back to Mom's house and lay around being tired. Fortunately, Logan didn't insist that we take him outside, because we were all too tired. He did, however, eat about half of our package of Deluxe Grahams. That was pretty cute, too, because at first he was happy to eat one at a time, but as he ate more of them, he decided he needed one in each hand, and then he decided he needed one in each hand and one in his mouth. (It doesn't seem like that much of a change, but he's only two, so one in his mouth is a little more than his mouth can handle. Athena says she remembers being little and having dreams of being able to fit an entire Ritz cracker in her mouth. That dream has since come true.)

The best part was before he got the third part of the juggling act, he had one in his hand and one in his mouth, and when he demanded another one I made the mistake of asking him to say please. It was so cute, because after thinking about it for just a second, he put his hands up to his mouth (but not all the way), and said please. Naturally, the cookie fell out of his mouth.

Today I'm thankful for having our own zoo membership now (complete with a snazzy zoo member backpack (it's not that snazzy (but I like it))), Logan's adorable animal calls, having peanut butter Poptarts to try, getting to talk about ourselves today, and making it out of the library without incident. (We used to be ward librarians, and we had some unhappy run-ins with the librarian from the ward that is now the one we go to. We were being uppity, and we had resolved to do better, but it was too late; this guy seems to hold grudges, or at least want very much to avoid the people he might have a hard time getting along with. Today we had to make copies for choir practice, and it turns out he's still the ward librarian. But he still made copies for us...and three times as many as we needed, for some reason.)
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