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He's a beast!

Today we ended up working almost all the way until our shift at the Family History Center. We were just so close to finishing that volume of Kingdom Hearts (which we also started today!) that it only made sense to finish. Oh man, the manga version of Kingdom Hearts Days is so intense! The game is, too, of course, but we've already played through it twice and watched all the cut scenes an extra time.

But speaking of Disney, we saw the neatest video today! It's an interview with Glen Keane (our favorite Disney animator), and you can watch it here. It made us really happy, because it addressed something that had been bothering us.

We've known for a long time that there were rumors of Beast's name being Adam. We looked into it one time, and we discovered that apparently it goes back to a Disney trivia game that called him Prince Adam for some reason. But then we watched the commentary on the Beauty and the Beast DVD, which we suspect was released after that trivia game (though we never checked), and the directors and producer talked about the fact that Beast never had a name. They never mentioned giving him a name later or anything like that, so we assumed the Adam thing was just a fluke and didn't really count, especially because in Kingdom Hearts, they call him Beast, and frankly, Kingdom Hearts is what really counts. (Plus, they seem to have done the research to get all the official names.)

I will admit that part of the reason it bothered us is that we heard about the Adam thing second-hand, and we were like, "What? How can we not have known he had a name? That can't be right!" But the other part is that Adam just doesn't seem like a good name for him. Arthur would be better; it means bear. (And so does Ursula, so that would be pretty hilarious.)

Actually, that brings me back to when we used to play with our Disney dolls, and we decided to name the Beast/Prince doll Robert. We don't remember why. Athena says she thinks she just picked a name she kind of liked. Then one of the names suggested in the B&B commentary when they started talking about the no-name thing was Bob. So there you go.

Anyway. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when we were at Toys R Us getting birthday presents for our nephew, and we passed by the Disney princess section. There was a cute set of dolls with Belle, Rapunzel, and...I'm gonna say Ariel? in their wedding dresses with their princes. Super cute. And on the box it had everyone's name. Including Prince Adam. And we were like, "What." I know this is completely unreasonable, but it made me a little sick inside. It's like, back when Pokemon Gold and Silver hadn't come out yet and Nintendo was teasing Japan with pictures of Marill, and everyone across the internet was calling it Pikablu. It's like if Nintendo actually did name it Pikablu. We were very upset.

We decided to ignore it, because seriously, what are we going to do about it and it's such a little thing anyway. But then this video came along, asking about the whole Beast name thing, and while Glen Keane is just one person, he is the one that counts. Howard Ashman also counts, but he's not available for questioning. Of course, you can watch the video yourself to see how he answers the question, but I'm going to talk about it anyway! (There are some other really cool things in the video, so I'd recommend it either way.) He says that in his mind it never mattered what the Beast's name was before he was transformed, because after that he'll be called Beast from the events in the movie on. That's how Belle knows him, and that's who she loves.

He also talks about how he wishes they'd kept a line (that they'd actually even recorded) where at the end when Belle is dancing with him, she says, "Do you think you could grow a beard?" While I can see where adding the line may have taken away from the mood (although they did have a comedic bit with Lumiere and Cogsworth anyway, and with Chip), I think it would have been a really good way to emphasize the fact that Belle didn't fall in love with the handsome prince. On the other hand, it may also have emphasized the importance of physical appearance. But maybe in a good way? Well, it's not in there anyway, so it's a moot point now.

Today I'm thankful for great interviews with Glen Keane, getting to go out for ice cream with some people from church, having so much fun working on Kingdom Hearts today, knowing some of the secret behind-the-scenes dialogue between Belle and Beast, and having a little bit of time for recreation.
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