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It seems we've lost a lot of posts to Logan this week. But that's okay, because he's so cute. He's also learned that Athena has an iPad and he can play games on it. He has a kind of cycle whenever he comes over. First, he wants to find a cat. Once the cat is found, he wants to throw treats at it (he has to throw them, because the cat is too far away and refuses to come any closer). Then he wants to play with a ball. He attempts to play with the cat, probably because his other grandparents have a dog. The cat usually ignores him, and so he plays with the baseball bat. Then he wants to play with the sprinkler toy Mom bought, and then he wants to play with bubbles. Oh my goodness, this kid could play with bubbles for hours.

Finally, he wants to play a game on a tablet. Yesterday, we had two different Kindles, a smart phone, and the iPad that we had to keep rotating for some reason. But the result is, when Logan saw us at church this morning, he was really excited, and immediately asked for a game.

In other news, Friday night has become Harry Potter Night here. Steve invites Scott and his girlfriend over to watch a Harry Potter movie. Yesterday we got in a bit of trouble because we had been talking during the movie. Some people said it was all us pointing out little problems with the cinematography, but I thought I kept most of my thoughts to myself unless the movie was already paused. My only real complaint was that the CGI wasn't that good, and it didn't have an excuse because Final Fantasy X came out around the same time and the CGI in that is incredible. But we probably get more of the blame because we agree that if we'd only seen the movie, it's not really likely that we would have cared about Harry Potter much at all...and that opinion was stated out loud. But it was stated during the credits, so the "no talking during the movie" thing shouldn't have been an issue. On the other hand, we can understand people being sad that someone doesn't like a movie that's one of their favorites.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Logan, getting to have milkshake-dipped fries, Logan not insisting on being active all the time (it's good that he likes to run around, but we are not so much with the stamina), having chocolate, and getting to watch Servant x Service Friday night.
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