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Busy again

Oh my goodness, the past three days have been so busy, mostly because of Logan. He recently turned two, so we had his birthday dinner on Sunday, and then for the next two days, he came over to Mom's house for babysitting. We all had work to do, but our deadlines are extremely vague right now, so Athena and I took it upon ourselves to keep the kid entertained. And the time with the kid has been extra fun (or the opposite of that, depending on how you look at it) because he has definitely entered the Terrible Twos. Or he's just been extra tired lately because he also just got back from a family trip to San Diego. And he may or may not have the chicken pox. He's cute even when he's throwing tantrums, but hopefully he'll recover from traveling and the maybe chicken pox and be a little more agreeable.

In the meantime, Page has mysteriously turned her right foreleg pink. It's subtle, so you think it might just be her white fur reflecting something reddish in the room, but it's still there when she moves somewhere else. We suspect she rubbed it up against something that still had excess dye on it, but we haven't figured out what that thing is. But most importantly, it's kind of hilarious.

This morning, we finally had some time to ourselves, so instead of working, we walked to the nearby Best Buy to buy something that might make it possible to charge the iPad. When we evacuated our apartment, it got left behind, and somehow when everything was getting packed up, it got lost. Like, we kept an eye out for it and we knew where it should have been, but we couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe we could have looked harder, but we were rushed and/or exhausted, and so it was not found. We had actually already bought a replacement (before we had any idea when we'd be able to get our stuff back), but we didn't realize that chargers made for older iPad models don't fit new iPad models. So we also didn't realize that we needed to pay even more attention than we did through the whole, "Why are there so many different kinds of chargers for the same product?" ordeal.

So before we left, we did some internet research so we'd actually know what we needed, and now we have it! Tadah! Apple needs to stop being so annoying.

After we got home from our shift at the Family History Center last night, Steve had picked out a movie he wanted to show us, so we watched Sergeant York. He kept saying he would read our opinion of it on LiveJournal, so I guess I ought to mention it, but I don't have a lot to say. I liked it, even if it was a little slow. The World War I battles got pretty boring (we have no attention for action), so I wish they'd been a little shorter or more interestingly filmed. After a certain amount of time, the men falling down from being shot started to look a little silly. But it was a really good story about repentance and faith and courage and love and all that good stuff that I like to hear stories about, and it was based on a true story. So yeah.

Today I'm thankful for finally being able to charge our iPad, getting to stop at Jamba Juice on our way home from Best Buy, Page's pink leg (hopefully that dye's not toxic), KFC biscuits, and getting to spend time with our favorite nephew.
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