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Today in sacrament meeting, we heard the cutest story. This father was talking about a family campout or something of the like, and the only little boy picked up a stick and started swinging it like a sword. All of his girl cousins ran away screaming except one, who ran off to find her own stick. She took it back to the boy, and brought straight down on his head. As the boy sat on the ground crying, the girl looked up at her father, who was a swordplay instructor and taught her how to fight, and asked, "Why didn't he block?"

One of the things I really like about that story is that the girl didn't go to get a stick to prove her superiority, or that girls are better than boys, or even to come to the defense of the poor, helpless other girls. She just wanted to have a sword fight.

Anyway, last night we saw a movie that involved clones and, as usual, it treated them as interchangeable. As people who also have DNA that matches someone else's, we sometimes get a little (or more than a little) annoyed at this idea that just because someone has the same genetic makeup as someone else, they might as well be the same person. I mean, as a story element, it's kind of like sure, whatever, but...well, the way they did it in that movie was a little extra annoying, because the one clone died, and the girl who loved him met the other clone and was so happy to have him back, even though it was obviously another guy.

We commented on it when we watched the movie, pointing out that we have the same DNA and we like to think we're not the same person, and Steve pointed out that twins don't have the same DNA. So we looked it up, and according to one study, they found that there is a genetic "copy error" an average of once for every 10 billion to 10 trillion cell divisions in early development. I'm going to go ahead and say the genetic differences are negligible. And those copy errors are likely to occur in cloning as well, we would imagine. Either way, we're still talking about two different life forms with two different (though maybe similar) personalities. So we really wish people would stop writing stuff where it's okay if this person dies--see, we have a twin/clone to replace them!

Other than that, the movie was alright. Stunning visuals, but also a fairly interesting story. But I can't tell you what it is now, because the clone thing is a huge spoiler. But we have reason to believe it was inspired by Chain of Memories, and influenced by Final Fantasy.

Today I'm thankful for the great talks we had in sacrament meeting, finding out that pizza Pringles do still exist in the United States, having pizza Pringles, Compass of Your Heart coming up on our music player just now, and having plans to get together with people for Logan's birthday dinner today.
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