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Feline adventures

Well, it looks like the post office is hanging on to our game right now. But at least it didn't melt in the fire.

Last night Page had an adventure! The idea was to wait until Mom's cats joined her in her room for the night, then close the door to that room and let Page wander around. But Mojo, Mom's black cat, was having none of it. Apparently he wanted to hang out with us last night, so he perched on the back of the sofa right next to where our computer chairs are...and refused to move. Meanwhile, Page could tell we'd recently returned from our shift at the Family History Center, so she kept meowing for attention from her prison in the other bedroom.

We just couldn't take it anymore, so we decided to let her out anyway! It wasn't long before she was making the rounds of the living room perimeter. She made two laps without ever noticing Mojo on his perch. He, of course, noticed her and kept a careful eye on her. Meanwhile, I was moving cautiously around so I would be in a position to break up any cat fights that might ensue. Eventually, Page stopped to look up at me, and then she finally saw that there was another cat.

Fortunately, she did not immediately attack him, which is what she tended to do whenever she saw a neighborhood cat (or she'd run to the window as if to attack, and when the window got in the way, she'd just stare them down). She was probably already aware that there were other cats around, and maybe all the sudden changes in her life made her more curious than territorial. Whatever the reason, instead of charging, she carefully found a route that would lead her to a better look at this other cat.

Then she got close and Mojo ran away. We're all glad that Mojo seems to take a more defensive stance in these matters. Page ran back to her room, and all was quiet on the kitty front until Mojo went to join Mom. Page was set free to roam the house and everyone was happy.

One of these days, we do plan on getting back to our multi-part series, but...kitty adventures.

Today I'm thankful for Page and Mojo not getting in a fight, finishing that Kingdom Hearts script (oh my goodness, it was so hard!), getting to stop work early today, finally remembering to get back to our Lumosity training, and our Biscoff cookies being saved from the fire.
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