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Another tender mercy

Today we finally got to go to the post office to see what's going on with our mail. Oh yeah, and to change our address. The second part doesn't seem so important, since we're going to move again anyway, so really our main motivation in the adventure was to see if our Ace Attorney game had arrived. We got the shipping confirmation before the fire, so we were really hoping that it wasn't in our mailbox when the fire hit.

We'd been told that our mail was being kept at the post office, so now that everything had settled down a bit and we had time to do such things, we went there to retrieve our mail. We were happy to see that we'd received a paycheck, but sad to see there was no video game. Now we were even more concerned that it had burned in the fire (or just got left in the mailbox that we can no longer get to), so when we came home, we checked to see if the tracking number would do us any good, despite it not helping at all in the past. Lo and behold, the tracking number worked! and our package arrived in San Jose yesterday, which means it did not burn in the fire. Yay! And we were able to change our mailing address, so it should get delivered to the right place very soon.

Speaking of Ace Attorney, we found out that the character designer for the series, who is also the original Japanese voice of Mitsurugi/Edgeworth (our very favorite character) is going to be at Japan Expo in a few weeks, and we're sad that it just doesn't seem feasible for us to go. We've been wanting to cosplay Iris and Dahlia for years, too! We even had fabric to make the costumes...which we gave to Alice on Saturday. Athena was calling it the depressingest thing ever. Then we were amused that she was calling it that just a week after losing our home. It's all about perspective, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for our new game not being lost in the fire, getting to go to the post office and get our mail, finishing our draft of that Kingdom Hearts script, the tracking number on our package working, and getting some maple nut goodies from Jo-Ann's.
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