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We were fully intending to get back to work today, but we were also fully intending to sleep in, and usually sleeping in on a weekday does not bode well for our productivity levels. This is why it's so important to us to sleep in on Saturdays. But the point is, we slept in today, so now it's two o'clock in the afternoon, and even though we've been awake for several hours, we haven't gotten any work done. But we do have a load of laundry going, so that's something.

While we were fishing out the clothes we wanted to wash (there's not really any place for us to put our clean clothes, because they're still storing Celeste's stuff while she's away at grad school for the summer, so we wanted one small load so we'd at least have a small variety of things to wear during the week until Celeste moves closer), Page heard us moving around and started meowing from the bedroom she's locked up in. So after we started the washing machine, we spent some time with her. She fell asleep on my arm and it was so cute that we ended up staying with her until the washing machine finished.

Page is doing really well overall, we think. She started looking like she was ready to make a break for it every time we opened the door to leave that bedroom, so Mom let us close the door to her bedroom so her cats wouldn't be roaming through the house (they're indoor/outdoor cats, and they can get out through her room, so they're not too detained), and we let Page wander around. She was so cute about it, but we weren't sure how to deal with it, because she would very cautiously start exploring...and anytime anything else moved, she'd race back to the bedroom and hide under the bed. She eventually got bolder, but she still prefers the bedroom with its hiding places.

Over the weekend we've been watching musicals--The Sound of Music and The Music Man--and we're starting to wonder if the bad reputation Disney princesses are getting comes from mixed memories of all musical films. That girl in that movie we hate is totally a lobotomized Maria Von Trapp. Also, we're really hoping that the girls falling in love with the guys in these movies makes more sense in the stage versions, especially for The Music Man. It wasn't really that bad in The Sound of Music, but in The Music Man it was terrible.

When we're done posting this, we'll be faced with the question of should we try to get some work done, or should we look into this Iconmania game our aunt just informed us of (because our cousin got stuck on Cloud Strife).

Today I'm thankful for Page getting to wander around some, getting to watch some classic musicals, our laundry being done, our chocolate peanut butter Poptarts being saved, and having our circus DVD.
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