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Man, this week has been such a roller coaster. This morning, as I was about to call the apartment manager to officially decline the unit, and as Athena was telling me I probably didn't have to, the apartment manager called! She had good news! We can come back and get all our stuff! Yay! We have until Sunday to be out. Not yay.

See, we have a bunch of trauma from most of our moves (not including college) that had to happen RIGHT NOW! And in fact, we recently helped a friend move on the last day before her lease was up, and her kitchen needed to be packed and she had eight quadrillion sets of dinnerware...all ceramic or glass. So this whole idea of, "Pack it all up! Go go go go GO!" is kind of like a nightmare come true. And whatever we don't pack gets left for the bulldozer. And we get emotionally attached to everything. Given time, we can convince ourselves that it's okay to retire some stuff, or give it to Goodwill or something, but we don't have time. So the strategy is pack it all up and sort it out later.

Steve has been trying to calm us down by saying, "You don't have to move all at once--you can pack it all up, put it in storage, and take your time to find the perfect place to live." But that's not the part we're worried about not having time for. We're so afraid that in our efforts to get out RIGHT NOW!, we'll overlook something important. We always dreamed of being able to move in such a way that we could pack a box or two, drive it to the new place, and just take our time to carefully go through everything, give stuff to good will, take all the old electronics to someplace to be recycled, etc. Now we have to sort through it when we unpack. Last time we did it that way, we ended up with a spare bedroom full of other people's stuff for years.

Anyway, the point is, we spent a good chunk of today packing. But it gets extra special, because, what with the fire and everything, people have been curious to explore the burnt remains of the building, and it's dangerous to go inside. So only people who have signed a waiver of liability are allowed. There's a fence and barbed wire all around the building to get people out generally, but if people are moving stuff to cars, the gate needs to be opened. So to prevent people who haven't waived liability from coming in, they have the maintenance team take turns standing guard. The maintenance team doesn't like to stay after six, and there were only so many of them, and they still have other stuff to do, including standing watch at the other side of the building, where someone else is getting their stuff from their apartment. So at about 3:30, they knocked on the door and asked how much longer we were going to be, which meant, "Um, can you be done now?"

We went to the management office to ask if we were going to not be kicked out before we got all our stuff out tomorrow, and the women there were sympathetic, but unable to guarantee anything. Yay. But we think we have more than half of it boxed up, so we're not too worried...but we are a little worried. On the other hand, we were happy to have an excuse to stop packing. We hate packing so much. Also, if it gets to be too much of a problem, I'm sure AllState knows some ways to convince the management not to destroy the building before our stuff is out of it.

Still, we can't complain too much, because it's such a blessing that we didn't lose everything in the fire. Also, I was amused to see that the only damage to our apartment was that the front door had been kicked in. (Most likely, they wanted to get in to make sure nothing was on fire, but it was too hot to touch the door handle.)

Today I'm thankful for being able to get all our stuff back, Mom and Steve letting us take charge of the situation, having plans to go to John's Incredible Pizza tonight, getting our deposits back, and all of our fancy china being already packed.
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