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Today has certainly been eventful. The night before last, we both had a hard time sleeping, so neither of us was very happy to be gotten out of bed to Take Care of Things. It was a good thing we did, but we still wonder if it couldn't have waited another half hour.

Steve had called the fire department, and he talked to one of the firefighters who said that there was virtually no chance our apartment had been damaged. When Steve gave us more details later, we found out that the fireman remembered thinking there wasn't even any point checking it because they knew that the fire had stopped before it got to it. Considering how badly damaged our next door neighbors' apartment was, we feel really blessed about this. One of our past bishops always used to remind us that tithing was fire insurance (quoting a scripture in Malachi about how if you're faithful in paying tithing, you won't burn at the last day), and this time it seemed pretty literal. None of our stuff was damaged (except that it probably all smells like smoke, and all the stuff in the refrigerator is probably not safe to eat anymore).

That being the case, now we had an abandoned apartment full of stuff, and from our previous inspections we knew the doors were open. So Mom wanted to get in there right away so that looters wouldn't take our valuables (as if we have valuables). But the management still wouldn't let us in, so now it was our job to talk to our insurance people, because if we started a claim and they had any hope of not having to pay it, they would fight for it.

And that's when we started our long game of telephone. It was only a problem because we had finally gotten some pajamas of our own and some underwear and now we could actually shower...except that we couldn't because what if somebody called.

After a couple of hours, a wonderful insurance adjuster managed to get a hold of our apartment management, and find out that they're waiting to get the results of the asbestos test. The adjuster wasn't buying it because, as an insurance adjuster, she knows that asbestos testing doesn't take that long. The apartment people were holding their ground though, so she tried playing the sympathy card to at least find a way for us to get our computers back. The apartment people would call us directly, and in the meantime the adjuster would try to get a hold of the apartment's insurance people to find out what the deal is really.

At that point we decided we were going to shower anyway, and about an hour after that, Apartment Manager called. Not only did she agree to send a supervisor into our apartment to get our computers for us, but she had another apartment to show us, and this time it was bigger and right by the pool. We think she really wants to keep us, because we were probably paying the highest rent of anyone in the complex, and of all the things she was willing to back down on (she went from a 12-month lease to a month-to-month pretty darn easily), she never tried to lower the rent. (She even said, "I'll try to give it to you for the same price," as if she hadn't once told us that she couldn't legally raise our rent. She probably didn't remember--this is why it's important to keep your memory in shape. Try Lumosity!)

We're still leaning towards no on the apartment, but we hate being rushed into making decisions, so this time we got her to give us until tomorrow morning. I need to remember to call her.

While we were looking at the other apartment, Steve had gone to supervise the supervisors. They were so super nice that once they got our computers, they asked what else they could get for us. We didn't want to ask guys we don't know to get clothes for us, so we still don't have clothes, but we do have almost all our electronics, including our old, broken VCR. We're especially happy to have the 3DS, because if our copy of Gykauten Saiban 5 was not in the mailbox when the fire broke out, we should be getting it any day now! And since 3DSes are region encoded, it would have been really sad to have a Japanese game and have to wait until we can get back into our apartment (or import another 3DS) just to play it.

We also got our Kingdom Hearts books! So now we have the script we were working on, the book we needed for reference, and the rest of the books so we can keep going! We would have asked for our Sherlock Bones books, too, but we weren't sure how to describe them so the apartment guys would recognize them. (The Kingdom Hearts book we're working on was on the desk, and then we just needed the ones that matched it.)

After we got back to Mom's house, Steve was nice enough to set up our computer stuff, but we had some issues connecting to the internet. But now we're finally online! Tadah!

Page is adjusting fairly well, we think, but because Mom has two cats and pretty much all three cats here have a habit of being territorial, she's been confined to a bedroom for her own safety. From what we gather, she spends most of her time hiding, but when we're in there, she'll come out into the open and relax. I think that's one of the biggest problems with our current setup--Page spends a lot of time alone. She may not mind that much, but we don't know.

Today I'm thankful for whole apartment being spared, having snazzy new pajamas, amazing insurance adjusters (AllState. Totally recommended), Steve setting up our computers, and having our electronics back. And especially not having to start that volume of Kingdom Hearts all over.
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