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We're still alive!

Today we mostly just sat around the house, waiting to find out more about our apartment's status. We called a couple of times to check in and were told the management didn't know anything yet both times. They were busy trying to place all the people who lost everything, so we were okay with waiting until they called as promised. Other people were not happy with waiting, and so they called the management on our behalf, after which point they called us and offered us a non-burnt apartment. So we went over there to check it out...and decided that we had already been paying too much rent on the unit we had, this one was a little smaller (and they were asking the same price), there was a concern about Page escaping through the backyard (which we otherwise loved), and we had no furniture, so we might as well pass on it and see if we can find something nice that wasn't so expensive. It was hard though, because it's so easy to fall in love with shiny new apartments, especially on the first floor, where we can play Dance Dance Revolution. But we only had about five minutes to make the decision, so...there it is.

As for our old apartment, the fire department won't let anyone into any of the units until they've been sufficiently inspected for safety. They estimate this process will take about two or three weeks. In the meantime, we have to get some necessities, like clothes, to last at least until we can get our stuff.

Since we went to the apartment, we were able to walk by our unit. The unit next to ours was almost completely destroyed, but we have hope for our stuff. The layout is such that the living room and kitchen were next to the burned out unit, while the two bedrooms were on the far end of the building. We saw through the windows that the cat tree in our living room was intact (same color and everything--not blackened by smoke), and that the kitchen ceiling was also intact (not collapsing from fire or water damage, and not even blackened by smoke). Based on where all our stuff is, we think probably if anything got hurt, it was our TV, anime DVDs, and gaming systems.

That being the case, our computers are probably fine, but of course we still can't get to them. However, we need a computer to maintain our livelihood, so we're going to have to get something to hold us over. We're having a hard time deciding what to do, because we don't want to drop a few hundred dollars on a computer that we'll only need for a couple of weeks, even if they do come in shiny colors. So if anyone has any suggestions, please please PLEASE don't hesitate to say something. We'll have to see what the renter's insurance will pay for. Still, if they give us money for stuff, I kind of want it to be stuff we'll use for longer than a couple of weeks... I don't know. We'll see.

Mom asked our former apartment manager about the kid who started the fire, and she said they're looking into getting him a counselor. He feels terrible about it and he's afraid everyone hates him. Mom suggested we write him a note to let him know we think he's okay, and I think it's a very good idea. The only problem is writing stuff like that is difficult enough for us when we're not dealing with a bunch of other stress. (It's really not that bad--mostly an annoyance--but we sometimes have differences of opinion with Mom and Steve about how things should be handled, and that was really stressing us out. We've sort of managed to communicate things and it should be better now, though.) And this is going to be a very difficult note to write. "Sure you put forty people out of a home, but don't let it get to you!" ...Yeah, no. I feel like Mushu when he's trying to cheer Mulan up after they discovered her secret.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments and support, everyone! We want to respond to all of them, but it's hard when we have limited computer time, and even harder when the computer is not our own. We will get to it eventually!

Today I'm thankful for solid clues as to the state of our stuff, the fire happening at a time of day when it was easy for everyone to get out (if they were even there), Page's carrier having a washable floor, the weather being relatively cool this week, and Pair of Kings on Netflix.
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