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We almost didn't update LJ today, because most of the stuff we have to say today amounts to "RAR!" But then we were feeling kind of isolated and in need of some sort of social interaction, and Facebook just wasn't cutting it. Sunday tends to be a day where most of our happy friends are busy with "real life" and our other friends are posting links to articles about why society is lost. We did go Like a couple of pages that will hopefully increase the positivity on our news feed, though, so that should get better, but we only did it like a minute ago, so no results so far.

Anyway, I sort of have stuff to say about our Chihayafuru soundtracks. Mostly, "Ah, some of the music in this series makes me so happy," and, "The songs are pretty fun." Based on image songs alone, I'd say Chihaya is more compatible with Arata, but Taichi cares about her more, maybe. And then we make really geeky seiyuu jokes, because one line in Taichi's song is "kono sora ni kagi wa nai yo," which means, "there's no key to this sky (or no lock, depending on the rest of the context, which we didn't bother to remember because it doesn't apply to our geeky joke)." And we were like, "Are you sure, Riku? You might want to check with Tsukuba on that." Bwahahaha. (Because Tsukuba is the Chihayafuru character played by the voice of Sora, obviously.)

But speaking of songs and things that made us go RAR, there's a really fun song...okay, so this week and last week the Primary pianist was out of town, and she had asked me to substitute for her. The kids are all practicing the songs that they're going to sing for the annual Primary Program, and one of them is called Follow the Prophet, and it's about Old Testament prophets. It's really fun, but some of the lyrics are like, "Whoa! That's a little harsh." I actually really like the Noah verse for that very reason. You can hear it (and read the lyrics) here.

I mostly brought it up because of the Noah verse, even though the kids didn't sing that one, but I was thinking about it because the chorister got on my case for playing it too fast. The directions say "with energy"! So I played it, as it felt to me, agonizingly slow, but it was really only a hair slower than the default tempo on the page we linked to. The speed I like to play it at is a hair faster than the fastest recommended tempo...but it's so much more fun and bouncy that way! ...It's okay. I'm not the official pianist, so it's not really my concern.

Today I'm thankful for getting to listen to our other Chihayafuru soundtrack today, getting to eat some Dove chocolate, getting to play the piano for Primary a couple of times, hope of being put on the sacrament meeting organist rotation (we'll teach this congregation the right tempo! or at least that it's okay to sing a little bit faster sometimes), and getting to read manga today.
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