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Shaolin Sisters: Reborn

Ugh, today has not been a good day for us to be reading Kingdom Hearts scripts...which of course is what we had to do for work today. We were extra grumpy because of something mostly unrelated, and not ready to cut anyone any slack on their Alice in Wonderland character voices. It's a good thing we have chocolate.

But for now, more reminiscing!

Shaolin Sisters: Reborn

All the work on CLAMP no Kiseki has gotten to me. I wanted to spell Shaolin closer to Syaoran.

Anyway, Shaolin Sisters was a first for us in many ways. First, it was the first series we worked on that we had never heard of before. Okay, we'd sort of heard of it before, since they had posters of it at TokyoPop when we were interning there. The art looked really pretty--I think that's why we remembered it.

We got the series because we had been bugging our boss at TokyoPop for more titles, because we were catching up to Japan with everything else we were working on, except for the titles that we were finishing up. And we were worried about our future income. I think it was before Mom got engaged, so we weren't entirely desperate--just nervous. So one day our boss kindly offered us a new title. At the time, they were calling it Shaolin Sisters 2. I don't remember what the original Japanese title is--something like Fuu-un San-shimai or something. *looks it up* Yeah, that was it.

It was also the first series we started on from the middle. Well, sort of. It was a sequel, and we hadn't done the first part. Like if we'd started with Saiyuki Reload. And so our boss sent us the five books of the original series. That also means it's the first manga series we read entirely in English. We remembered that the first series was translated by an Alexander O. Smith, because we saw he also did the English adaptation, and we were like, "Hey! How come he can do his own adaptations!?" We never did learn why he didn't do the sequel of Shaolin Sisters, but we suspect it's because he went over to work for Squaresoft. He helped with the English adaptation of Melodies of Life, and now he's the main translator on all the Final Fantasy stuff. But anyway, he's also now our sempai, though I don't think that will help us with anything. Hmm...

(We're connected to him on LinkedIn now. He's not on all the Final Fantasy stuff, but he was a main translator on X and XII, we think. He also worked on Ace Attorney. We think we like his translations for the most part, but since video game translators tend to work as teams, it's hard to say for sure. But we emailed him once, and he was really really nice.)

Shaolin Sisters was also the first martial arts series we've done, and so far I think it's the only one. *thinks* Ow. *thinks* Yeah, it probably is. We get a lot of girly stuff. Teehee! The first series took place in another one of them not-Chinas, but the second series takes place in modern day Japan. And there's martial arts and an evil psycho lady looking for these bells that hold the ultimate power. And pretty boys. The art is done by Narumi Kakinouchi, who also did Vampire Princess Miyu, and drew a picture in one of the Gundam Seed Destiny books we have, which is of course what's most important to us. Rey looks really good in her art style. And the first series has a very surprising twist!

Favorite characters are of course Kio and Shark or...darn it, what was his name in Reborn? We think it's Samezu. What kind of translators are we!? It was three years ago, but is that any excuse? We don't have the English version and we lost our scripts, so we can't just check. Grief. Anyway, whatever his name is, he's very sexy. And Shiina is very cute, too. The girls are alright, too, I guess.

Speaking of names, it was a little sad that the first series had already been published, because for all the Chinese style names, Mr. Smith gave the guys names like Shark or Drake, which are, obviously, totally English. If it was up to us, we would have looked up the Chinese readings of the kanji and used those for their names. Especially because the kanji in Fuuyuu didn't even mean drake (which isn't all that awe-inspiring anyway--it's just a duck), one of them meant mayfly, and we can't remember what the other one was. Maybe there's some dragon connection we're missing.

On the translation difficulty scale, I'll give it three? I remember having a difficult time translating "yabai," but for the most part it went very quickly. Lots of fight scenes, of course. It's not very well known of course, but we liked it, and we would recommend it. Apparently they made a pilot episode for an anime, but it never got off the ground. I wish we could have seen it.

And thus we reach the realm of series that we would not have remembered at all if we hadn't written something down. Not that we didn't like it--just that it didn't stand out very much, I guess. Based on what I said about it, I'd say we had a lot of other stuff going on at the time we translated it...because doing the math (this post came from 2007 and we said it was three years before that), we were translating it during a very, very hectic year. And thus we learn once again the importance of record-keeping. Yay!

So yeah, when we think really hard, we can pull up some vague memories of this series. We remember the scene where we had a hard time translating yabai. The villain was walking around modern-day whatever Japanese city they were in, dressed up in her fancy ancient Chinese attire and exuding an aura of "I'm a crazy scary lady," and some bystanders commented that she was yabai. I still don't remember enough of the context to come up with a decent translation for it, though.

Also, Nabari no Ou is technically a martial arts series, I think, so I think that brings our total up to two martial arts series. And there's a bunch of martial arts stuff in Negima, so maybe two and a half martial arts series?

Today I'm thankful for the pirate treasure we had to snack on, having a nice bag of Dove chocolates, having a Freschetta pizza to have for dinner, the calming effects of the Chihayafuru soundtrack, and getting to listen to one of our Chihayafuru soundtracks.
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