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This weekend was pretty busy. Not that a lot of stuff happened, just that it all resulted in us being away from the computer too long to update LiveJournal...except when we were playing Kingdom Hearts [chi], but then we had limited-time missions we needed to complete before they went away.

The point is, Mom and Steve came back from their cruise on Friday, and that meant doing stuff with people over the weekend. On Saturday, we went to see Monsters University. I think it was a good movie, but I didn't like it. It's hard to say if that's purely from my bias against Pixar and habit of being overly critical, combined with the trailer for Frozen putting me in a not-so-good mood for enjoying movies that don't grab me. There was a lot of good stuff about it. Mike and Sully did something that deserved expulsion, and they got expelled, and while I would have been okay with a, "But we can make an exception because ultimately what you did was a good thing," thinking about it more, it actually wasn't a good thing for the school at all, so they should have been expelled and it's really good that they had to face the consequences of their stupid actions. Not only that, but then it showed them finding a way to work hard and accomplish their goal despite the setback. So good message overall, but I still have a hard time saying I liked it.

The monster designs seemed unoriginal. Seriously, any monster with a nose had a horn for a nose, except for Sully and the griffin guy. And Sully was designed for a different movie, so that doesn't count. And there were a bunch of monsters with tentacles instead of legs, but they walked on the tentacles like they were legs. Pixar, you made a name for yourself by nailing your shoes to wooden boards so you could properly animate the green army men. What happened to that kind of world-building? I know they're all about Studio Ghibli, but they should have taken a look at the extras for Summer Wars--for that movie, they needed thousands of non-human internet avatars, so they had like everyone on the staff design a few, and they ended up with a really great variety. Speaking of such things, the designs for PNK are kinda numeralist.

Also, it was pretty clear that there were some parts that everybody on the production team really loved, so they spent a lot of time making sure everything was perfect...while other parts they didn't care so much about, so they didn't look so good. Actually a lot like the Little Mermaid ride.

It felt kind of long, but it wasn't really boring, and it had Dave Foley (although again, naming both heads Terry (or Terri) is totally numeralist), so y'know. It had its good points, definitely.

On Sunday, we went to Mom's house for dinner, and to look at all the pictures she and Steve took on their cruise. I think my favorite part was the rug-making demonstration in Turkey. They didn't get pictures of this part, but Mom told us that after the demonstration, they brought out a bunch of carpets to display and sell, and the guide said he didn't want anybody to go home and not be able to say they'd seen a flying carpet, so a few guys picked up some carpets and made them fly by tossing them into the air like pizza dough.

They bought us souvenirs in Athens. Since the city was named after the goddess Athena, they bought a little statue of the goddess for Athena, and we each got a t-shirt. Athena's has Athena on it, and I'm told the picture on mine is of Hercules. I was a little worried about it, though, because it's from a classical painting, and you know what that means--naked people. But fortunately, I like to tuck my t-shirts in (I'm told that's a fashion don't, but I wear what I like...or in this case, I wear how I like), and tucked in the nudity is a lot less obvious.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the movies on Saturday, getting to see Mom's vacation pictures, Mom and Steve getting us souvenirs, finishing those limited-time missions on Kingdom Hearts [chi], and it only being kind of super hot when we walked to the store today.
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