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I'm very jumpy today. I think we react to good stress worse than bad stress, because at least with bad stress, I know to fight it, and that I won't lose an opportunity if I mess up. With good stress, I feel like I have to be very careful or the good thing won't happen again. And then I become even more afraid of people than usual.

It was mostly in the timing, I think. Yesterday, we finally got around to responding to Mr. Voice Actor in Japan Guy, and it was soon after that that Mom called. That was actually good stress and bad stress, and we're still marvelling over how it all happened (e.g. "Of all the mean things we've said to Steve, that was the one that got him?" It doesn't make us feel any better or worse, but I am genuinely curious). But then we checked e-mail again and we had an e-mail from the fansubbing editor for Mujin Wakusei Survive. It was very friendly, and welcomed us to their fansubbing team and stuff. But then we realized we should respond and weren't sure exactly how to go about it.

He sent us another email this morning complimenting our translation of the episode we translated, and asking us what name they should put in the credits for us. So now we've emailed him back and it's all fine (I hope (paranoia strikes again)), and when we go to Spectre Anime's channel on IRC we get an @ symbol by our name and it's all neat and stuff. When the episode is released, I'll let you all know so anyone who's interested can check it out.

We also sent an email out to a manga translating company that we hadn't tried yet. Those kinds of things tend to be stressful in and of themselves, but writing the email wasn't so bad.

We didn't hear back from Mom last night, which also means we haven't emailed Steve with an apology yet, either. I really think it would be better to talk to Mom first, because I'm not sure if, "We're sorry, but that's how we feel right now. We may change our minds later, but that's the best we can give you," would make things better or worse. Also, we're not really eager to find out how he would respond.

And I know I've said this before, but I want to say it again because I think it's safer to be too thankful than not enough. Thank you, everyone, for your supportive comments. *hugs all of you* I always feel like I'm not sounding sincere when I don't use exclamation points, but the intonation doesn't work in my head with one this time.

Oh! And on a completely unrelated topic, last night before the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert said that Athena is the goddess of dessert, or the last course of any meal. Athena says she can live with that.
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