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Today we had a bit of an interesting mix-up after church. We told our ride that we were going to stay for choir practice, and she had a thing too, so she asked how long choir practice would be, and I said we'd be done any time between 2:30 and 3:00. She said her thing wasn't going to last that long, so just call her when we're done and she'll come pick us up. It wasn't until after everything that I realized my times were still based on church going from eleven to two. Choir practice ended at 12:30, not 2:30. Ha, ha, ha.

I guess you had to be there.

Anyway, the ward that meets in our building at 1:00 was having a special activity for the Young Women, where they learned how to index names for Family Search. Since Athena is a family history consultant and we've somehow managed to make a name for ourselves as the stake's resident indexing experts, we were asked to come in and consult. It was pretty fun, and we realized just how much the indexing software has been tweaked since we first started.

Each of the girls was sitting at a computer with the name indexing software, ready to download a batch. I had signed in to my account so I could download a batch of names and do it with the girls, so they could see the step-by-step process. But after I changed my difficult preference back to Beginner, I still couldn't find the project the girls were working on! So our theory is that they have a project that they set aside specifically for first-time indexers, and since I've indexed thousands and thousands of names already, it wasn't available to me. I think that's a pretty neat thing that they've done. We were able to go around and help each girl individually, so the fact that I couldn't do the same project for everyone to see wasn't really much of a drawback (especially because I don't think they were paying too much attention to my screen anyway).

Today I'm thankful for having the opportunity to help, getting to go to choir practice, having a ride to church and to the indexing activity, getting Dove chocolate in Relief Society, and Page being super adorable on the top bunk right now.
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