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Ribbons and rabbits

Well, we thought we had plans tonight, but our ride is not here, and we don't know if he's late or if we've been forgotten, so I'm starting a blog post in the meantime, because if he's not coming, I totally have time to write one.

This morning! we got an email from ThinkGeek telling us we could buy One Random Shirt of Surprising Awesomeness, from the artist formerly known as Grab Bag. They have discovered our weakness. So we immediately went and ordered two shirts! But that's all I have to report on the matter, because the shirts haven't been sent! But they actually have some shirts we don't care about, and some shirts we don't like, so maybe it wasn't the best of ideas, but...surprising awesomeness! Our biggest regret is that we didn't also order astronaut ice cream.

In the meantime, I did remember something else I had to say about Tokyo Mew Mew, and it involved the attack names. All of the girls have attacks that start with リボーン, and according to the videos we watched, there's been quite the debate on whether this should be romanized as Ribbon or Reborn. When we first started translating, we went with Ribbon, because it's a magical girl series, and a lot of the time all their special moves have something to do with clothes or makeup. But as we kept going, we realized that they all got their power by merging their DNA with an animal, so Reborn makes a little more sense. Of course, the pun probably was fully intended, so it doesn't really matter either way, which is good, because we found out that Kodansha's been using Ribbon the whole time, so we changed all of our translations to be consistent. Also, we know that translated manga does get sent to somebody in Japan for approvals, so at least things like attack names probably would get changed if it was really that important.

Speaking of the whole animal DNA thing. This didn't come up in a la Mode, and it was years since we saw the anime, but the animals are all specifically endangered species, for some reason that may or may not have been important in the first series. That's why we were a little confused when we got the books and saw that the new character had bunny ears. Rabbits aren't endangered! They breed like rabbits!

(This parenthetical represents us leaving for our plans, and coming back several hours later. Athena's been called as a family history consultant, so we spent some time in the Family History Center...mostly working on figuring out what we're supposed to do.)

But as it turns out, there is an endangered species of rabbit. It's called the Amami rabbit, and it lives on two islands between Kyushu and Okinawa. Also, it looks a little scary, but the Wikipedia article on it looks pretty interesting.

And since I forgot everything else I was going to say about that (I'm pretty sure it wasn't much), that's all for today. Today I'm thankful for not being forgotten, getting to watch Ultimate Spider-Man on Netflix, getting to look forward to two Random Shirts of Surprising Awesomeness, being done with laundry, and having free access to at the Family History Center.
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