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Today we turned in the translation for Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode. Tadah!

It was a bit of an extra challenge, because it's a sequel, and we didn't translate the first part of the series. It was actually kind of like when we translated Kamichama Karin Chu!, except that we hadn't seen nearly as much of the anime for Tokyo Mew Mew. Apparently we get to translate magical girl sequels, but not magical girl...things that aren't sequels. Origin stories? Except a la Mode is kind of like the origin story for Mew Berry, so I guess that doesn't quite work.

Anyway, the point is we had to figure out how Kodansha was dealing with all the very non-Japanese glossary elements, and that's what led us to that whole post about slang. There are a few videos out there comparing the TokyoPop version of Tokyo Mew Mew with the Kodansha version. The TokyoPop version had way more slang (because that tends to happen when a series has a different adapter than translator), and the Kodansha version had a lot more awkward phrasings (because that tends to happen when the translator is the adapter). So when we watched the videos, we were like, "Well, you (probably) won't have to worry about any of that with our translations (we hope)!"

...And then we went and had a character say, "That's a bummer."

We did consider not using it! We deliberated for a good...few minutes! Okay, maybe a good minute. Probably. But the point is we did deliberate, and let me tell you, some of our most brilliant translations come automatically (or at least that's our opinion), as if we were immediately inspired, so the fact that we deliberated...may actually mean nothing.

But we stand behind our decision! Because "that's a bummer" is what came automatically when we were translating it. And we think it works for the character (Pudding). And it's something we totally say in real life, so the "but who talks like that?" argument...might still apply, but the answer to the question is, "We do. We talk like that. For reals." Incidentally, we don't often say "for reals" in real life, and when we do it's when we're joking around, but I totally say "that's a bummer" in all seriousness. Usually when I'm on the phone and somebody just told me something that's a bummer, and I need a reply.

And as you may have deduced from the vocabulary in this LJ entry, clearly I'm not used to describing bummers as anything but bummers. I do sometimes say, "That's disappointing," but that kind of phrasing so does not work for Pudding.

Anyway, Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode. It's super cute. I can (almost) guarantee that "that's a bummer" is the worst slang you'll find in it. And I feel like maybe I had more to say about it than that, like about how we saw the first few episodes of the anime back when it started, then 4Kids licensed it, and since we had a "don't pirate licensed anime" policy, we stopped watching it even though we knew that we'd never get to watch it in its purity now that the license had gone to 4Kids, unless we went to Japan and rented the DVDs or something. It was especially hard because we knew our favorite voice actor of the time (Soichiro Hoshi) was in one episode as Mint's brother. Fortunately, we're easily distracted, and he was in a lot more stuff (with bigger parts) after that. But he's still not a Koe no Ouji-sama, so he's kind of lost favor. Well, that and we haven't seen much with him in it lately, except Karneval and Arata: The Legend, but we didn't really care for his characer in Arata or Karneval as an anime. Maybe we should watch some Saiyuki or something.

And I think that's pretty much all I had to say about Tokyo Mew Mew, unless someone else has something to say about Tokyo Mew Mew, and then maybe we can talk about that.

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate another magical girl sequel, having a super fun time at work today, getting to sleep until 8:30 this morning, getting to read more Liselotte to Majo no Mori (so good!), and having a lovely chat with our little sister on the phone.
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