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Have some pictures

Well, we don't have a lot we want to talk about today, and we're too tired to think of anything, so have a few pictures from the zoo.

First, one of the non-caged animals.
 photo IMG_3045640x480_zpsc8bb5717.jpg
It's pretty well camouflaged; I hope you can see it.

You can see the elephant is pulling straw out of that barrel thing above its head.
 photo IMG_3046640x480_zps42ed4fd7.jpg

And this one is sweeping straw off the ground into a big pile.
 photo IMG_3047640x480_zpsc5e24e17.jpg

 photo IMG_3048640x480_zpsf67153b4.jpg
Or gibbons, I think, if you want to be accurate.

And some apes.
 photo IMG_3049640x480_zpsfc519946.jpg

This time, the tiger was much more agreeable to tourists, and came right up to the fence!
 photo IMG_3050640x480_zps4bf9b00b.jpg
Turns out the first picture I took was the best one.

 photo IMG_3055640x480_zps48af4706.jpg

 photo IMG_3056640x480_zps422fd6b1.jpg

And now you can see them together.
 photo IMG_3057640x480_zpsab80670f.jpg
Well, not together together, but in the same photo.

Today I'm thankful for getting our chores done, Fresh & Easy still having Thin Mint Crunch thingies (they say they'll only be available for a limited time), the yummy pizza we ordered from Pizza Hut last night, having a ride to church tomorrow, and having some pita chips to snack on.
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