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Kyaaaa! Sakuraba-kuuuun!!!

The new episode of EyeShield21 was released a lot sooner than expected! And so we watched it today. It was an interesting experience, because it was the first episode that had a significant amount of actual football. I actually never hated movies about sports; I just never had the patience for the sports themselves.

But for some reason when they started playing I was a little bit sickened by the fact that I was watching a series about sports. And I really think it has a lot to do with a certain someone trying to tell me the only reason I didn't like baseball was that I didn't know anything about it and then tried to explain it to me as if I'd never taken a PE class in my life. ...Yeah. There's some bitterness there.

Athena just pointed out that watching EyeShield21 is kind of like watching Dodgeball. "I mean, there's the Devil Bats versus the Cupids!" she says. "And their uniforms are pink! It's brilliant. Seriously, their uniforms match our LiveJournal." And she's right.

Anyway, the actual playing of football turned out to not be a problem, because it was overshadowed by the appearance of Haruto Sakuraba. Remember when I first talked about this series and said there was a certain pretty boy who was one of the two reasons we watched it to begin with? Yeah. And he's so worth it. He has sakura petals with him everywhere he goes. It's awesome. And he's always being chased by fangirls, which, while cliche, never seems to get old.

There was one thing that had me worried. We didn't really recognize his voice, and we're shallow enough that if a character's played by an unknown voice actor, sometimes he loses several fangirl points. Thinking about it, that fear was completely ungrounded, because Sakuraba-kun's (I wish I could use a heartmark) fun enough that he'd gain those points back easily.

And then the moment of truth came: the ending credits! So I'm trying to pause it to make sure we don't miss it, and the video freezes! *angst!* So after trying to fix that and accidentally crashing the computer (again... our poor computer) in the process, we finally get it started up again and there it is. Sakuraba-kun was played by Mamoru Miyano!!!

And now I bet most people reading this are like, "Um... who?" Athena puts it like this: "I knew they would never get anyone we expected to play him, so this is the best possible choice." (disclaimer: Athena's views are not more important than those of the casting director; this is just the best choice to make her personally happy about who played him)

You see, Miyano-kun (darn it, he's a year younger than we are) played Riku in Kingdom Hearts!! Lately I've been completely obsessed with Riku (okay, so not completely obsessed; I have too many things to obsess over for that), so I think this is the coolest thing. Add to that the fact that Sena is played Irino-kun (Sora, as previously mentioned) and this is one of the coolest things ever. Sora and Riku, together again!!

...Kingdom Hearts 2 doesn't count.
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