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Happy Independence Day!

We celebrated Independence Day today by going to the circus! We did have a bit of sadness when we went to Twitter to kill time while we waited for our ride, and everyone there (okay, maybe about a third of people there) was talking about Anime Expo. We didn't know Kodansha was actually going to have a panel there! When did manga companies start having panels at AX again? Weird. On the other hand, I think we'd feel just as out of the loop if we were there or not, so it's just as well.

And besides, circus! It was awesome, as expected. And this time, everything was timed a little better, so we didn't feel like we were ever waiting for somebody to do something. Not that we felt like we were waiting very long at last year's show--just that there was a little bit of waiting, and this year there wasn't any.

This year, the theme was Built to Amaze...and it seemed to mostly only influence the costumes and sets. Our brother-in-law was kind of confused by the overall story of the show, but I think if you realize that a circus is just a (super amazing) talent show, the story matters less. (Last year, the story seemed to work out a little better, but that's probably because of dragons.) When it started, as usual, there was so much stuff to look at that we didn't know where to look! Oh, and our seats were in the second-to-last row, so we were worried that everything would be too far away, but it wasn't, and we were positioned really well to see everything! Except for the trapeze/ceiling walking act, because all the lighting fixtures were in the way, but that's (part of) why we bought the DVD (the other part is because circus).

Not surprisingly, our nephew...was interested, but never for very long at a time. He was pretty restless before the show started, so I was glad when it managed to grab his attention enough for him to settle down. I think we have the horses to thank for that--the kid loves animals. We kept trying to point them out to him, but it would take him a while to figure out where we were pointing (or that we were pointing), and then he'd see the horses and point them out to the rest of us. He's so cute. Finally the elephants came out, and then he was really interested. That's when he finally started clapping, which was also very cute.

At the end of the opening number, they had these girls come out with white dresses that had paint splotches all over them (to represent the painting part of the building process), and they each grabbed on to a weird spirally thing that lifted them up to the ceiling! And they spun around with their colorful skirts twirling. It was so great!

And then they had some horses come out and do an act, while the girls did more tricks on their spirally things. Seriously, it was like they were just hanging out (literally and figuratively), and when the horses weren't doing anything interesting, there was this couple doing aerial ballet, and at one point, the guy in the couple put a special thing in his mouth, and they lifted him up the air, and the girl hung from the thing in his mouth! And spun around and stuff. It was awesome.

Then there was the ceiling walker act which was pretty cool from what we could see of it, but since we couldn't see much, we all got distracted, especially because we could see that they were bringing out the tigers. All the way to the circus, Logan was going, "I want RAR!" so we knew he would be happy to see this, but he was very fixedly staring away from the tigers. I kept trying to point them out to him--and there were a lot of them, so this time it would have been hard to miss--but he refused to look. After the act started, Athena gently pushed his face to where he could see them, and finally he got very excited. I asked him if he wanted to be a tiger tamer when he grew up, and he nodded. (He nods in response to most questions he doesn't understand.)

There was a unicycle basketball game which was fantastic. The blue team cheated and kept moving baskets around to their advantage, so the red team got a net (like a bug-catcher's net) and caught the ball when the blue team tried to make a shot. And there was something about a fake afro that got taken off the court and then came back but it was on fire...? I feel like I was following it better at the time, but it's really easy to get overstimulated at the circus, so with everything else that was going on, it's all become a bit of a blur.

There was also a tightrope act that was amazing, and we were in the perfect spot to see it. Oh right, and at one point for some reason the circus decided to do a boys versus girls thing, which was especially odd, because each of the acts representing the different teams had both genders...oh, except for the human cannonball, who was just the one girl. That was pretty amazing. We'd heard about human cannonballs on TV so many times, but we'd never actually seen one before. The ringmaster said that she (the cannonball) would experience a force of 7 G's, which is what the Apollo...we think he said 13? experienced on reentry. Our brother-in-law doubts the validity of that claim, because space shuttles burn up on reentry, and she obviously didn't. First of all, space shuttles burning up isn't because of force, it's because of the friction of the air molecules that high in the atmosphere, and second of all, who cares, it was totally awesome anyway.

Anyway, representing Team Pink (the girl team), there was this duo who did a kind of don't know what it's called. It was like a gymnastics routine where they were doing lifts and stuff, only the girl was doing most of the lifts. On the one hand, it was like, "See? A girl can be just as strong as a guy!" but on the other hand, it was like, "Dude, he's walking all over her." But the point is it was amazing. There was one part where she held out her arm and bent it at the elbow, and the guy grabbed onto her arm and pulled himself up, holding himself horizontally in the air! Hanging from her arm!

There was an intermission, and since Logan was getting restless again, I took him out to buy a snow cone. This was kind of a defensive move on our part, because we remembered last time we took Logan to the circus, we managed to keep him from getting to bored by providing him with a snow cone. (It was pretty hilarious, too. I probably told this story last year, but it was his first time ever having a snow cone, so when Celeste (who went with us last year but not this year) gave him a bite, he looked hurt because of the cold, and then he looked at Celeste like, "Why would you ever do that to a person?" And then he looked at her like, "And when are you gonna give me more?") Also, he had seen one of the snow cone vendors and he wanted one. But that snow cone vendor had the clown cups, and we wanted the light-up cup.

So during the second half of the show, Logan sat on Sarah's lap and calmly ate a snow cone. But when he tried to use the spoon, he'd always drop the contents before it got to his mouth, so Athena held her hand between him and the snow cone (which she was holding), and thus ended up having a handful of ice for most of the second act. (The best part is that after he figured out that she was catching the ice for him, he would eat it out of her hand. And until he was confident that he could handle the spoon, he started putting it in her hand on purpose.) That's how we knew that the kid was interested in the show--he was too distracted to finish the ice that he had shoveled into her hand.

The second act started with a clown act, and then a really cool trampoline act. They juggled people! Like, they had three guys bouncing of the trampoline, in a juggling fashion.

And there was a poodle act that was incredibly adorable. They had some puppies join the act, so at one point, one of the grown poodles walked on its hind legs with a leash in its paw like it was a human walking the puppy. (That reminds me of the rabbit magic act from the first half of the show, because it was the same couple doing it. The guy would pull a rabbit out of the box, cover it with a red cloth, wave his magic wand...and then his assistant would run up and snatch the rabbit away, thus making it disappear. One time she dropped the rabbit. It was awesome. This was the same couple...we think they were like the lead clowns or something, but they did a little of everything, including a tap-dance routine on skis. Anyway, it was the same couple where the guy would point at different sections of the audience to get them to cheer, and then he pointed at the girl. At first she was like, "Uh..." and then she screamed at him. That, too, was awesome.)

And there was a hamster wheel act (it's probably called something else, but it's that apparatus that looks like two giant hamster wheels that rotate Ferris wheel style), and elephants. When the elephants left, Logan put the spoon back in the snow cone like he was done, and then did his sign for "more." We were a little confused, because hello, the snow cone's right there in front of you, kid. But then he did the sign again, indicating the stage, and Athena realized, "Oh, he wants the elephants back!" But there were no more elephants. They didn't even come back out for the finale. Oh well.

And then there was a...thing...tumbling act! Yes, I think that's what it was. They set up a row of platforms, kind of like a red carpet, but made out of gymnastics flooring--you know, the extra bouncy kind. And that was a pretty impressive game of leapfrog.

And then there was the finale, and I hope I didn't forget anything! Like I said, there was just so much! After the show, we bought a program (which came with clown glasses), a DVD of the show, and some cotton candy, because it came with a white top hat covered in paint splotches. It was awesome. We shared the cotton candy and let Logan play with all our souvenirs on the way home, but then we had to get out of the car, and the boy started to cry. We're not sure if it was because we were taking all the new toys (including the light-up snow cone cup; we would have let him have one or two souvenirs, but we think sometimes his parents feel bad about people always giving him stuff), or if it's because he likes us so much (we always tell ourselves the former so as not to get a swelled head), but now he's going to a 4th of July barbecue where he gets to go swimming, so it's all good.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the circus, all the cool stuff we saw at the circus, the cool souvenirs we bought at the circus, the pretty costumes we got to see at the circus, and getting to see the tiger cages as we drove to and from the circus.
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