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Page is in her cat carrier again! It happened right after I said something to Athena about how, "Maybe she'll go in it if we..." We didn't act on my suggestion, but the next time we looked at the cat carrier, there she was inside it! So that makes me wonder how well she understands English, and if she likes to do things to make us happy. We've always had such good kitties.

Speaking of pets, the other day, Disney Digital Books emailed me an ad for their newest Disney Princess app, Palace Pets. It had me kind of baffled, especially because Ariel had a cat. Don't they realize that cats eat fish? Well, we were intrigued to see if the app had anything on the reasoning behind which princess had which pet, so we downloaded it, and the answer is yes, they do realize that cats eat fish.

See, basically the app goes like this: you choose a pet, then you can read the story about how the princess met that pet, then you groom the pet, feed the pet, and dress it up for a photograph. Most of the Disney Princess apps seem to involve dressing up. Hopefully that will change. At least the official Disney website has princess games that do not involve dressing up (and they're pretty fun, too!). But the point is, the treats available for Treasure (Ariel's cat) are four different kinds of fish!

So the half-fish princess Ariel has a pet that eats fish. Well, it's not so bad, because if you think about it, a lot of fish eat fish, too. And it's not like a cat's going to go around eating big fish like swordfish or mermaids. (But you can feed her something that looks like a little shark.)

It does bring up an interesting question about mermaid diet, though. There was an animated series based on the Little Mermaid movie, and in that they were eating plankton pate (there should be an accent mark on that, but while I'm not too lazy to type up this explanation as to why there's not one, I am too lazy to worry about getting one) all the time. It was like the only thing they ever ate. Or maybe it just stands out in my memory more because in the early 90's, the words "plankton" and "pate" would have been pretty unfamiliar to me. You'd think they would have also eaten marine vegetables, if they exist. They could have eaten seaweed, though. But back then, sushi wasn't as big a thing, so maybe the writers thought kids would think it was gross. Plankton pate is probably more gross, but since kids wouldn't have really known what it was, it would have been more okay? I don't know. They did show the plankton pate, and it didn't look very appetizing.

Anyway, the point is, if Ariel were to eat fish, it would be like she was eating her best friend Flounder.

On the other hand, maybe it was common for sailors to keep cats on ships? That's where Ariel met Treasure, supposedly. On a ship. So again, I don't know.

Belle has a Cocker Spaniel type dog named Teacup. I think this is because people are too hung up on the whole teacup thing between Belle and Rumpelstiltskin on Once Upon A Time. Belle from the movie probably would have named her dog after a character in a book, we think. We're not entirely convinced she's a dog person, actually, but on the other hand, there is a dog in the movie...which brings up the very important question of what happened to all the pets that the Disney Princesses already own? Rapunzel's pet is not a chameleon named Pascal, but a horse named Blondie. Maybe the difference is that one is a pet and the other is a friend? But the pets all talk...and come to think of it, none of the pets in the actual movies talk, so maybe that's the difference! I mean, Jaq and Gus talk in Cinderella, but Bruno and Lucifer (the official Tremaine pets) do not.

I don't know.

Today I'm thankful for Page looking very comfortable in her carrier (we might have to start figuring out how to move it with her in it soon (but probably not too soon)), finally remembering to pre-order Ace Attorney 5, making good progress at work today, it still being a comfortable 83 degrees in our apartment, and amusing app ideas.
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