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We're going to live!

The air conditioner is fixed, and we have reasonable temperatures once more! Yay!!

This morning, it didn't feel too unbearably hot, so I thought everything would be okay, but as time went on and the temperature climbed, I started to get a little nervous. So, as per Athena's suggestion, I made an excuse to go to the apartment office--paying the rent. And while I was there, I asked if there was any word on our air conditioning problem. The lady there told me that the repair team was scheduled to come between four and six. Excellent!

Then it was just a matter of waiting it out. Page discovered what Oreo had known for years--that the tiled floor is cooler than the carpet. So she spent most of the day in the bathroom, poor thing. But! the repairmen came early! Well, sort of. They came at about 3:50. But hey, that's still early. And it only took them about twenty minutes to get the AC fixed. The last guy to talk to me said he set the temperature at 79, adding, "I don't know if you want it lower..."

We normally have it set to 82, so I was like, "79 is perfect!" And I thought I would leave it there for a little while, as a little treat after dealing with no air conditioning. But then I thought, "When somebody, for example, breaks their arm, you don't usually make them do more work once it's healed." So I set it back to the normal temperature. Of course, it got so hot in here that the AC is still working a heck of a lot harder than usual just to get it to "the normal temperature." Three hours later, we're at 86 degrees!

It probably doesn't help that it's about 106 degrees outside. All the more reason to be grateful for air conditioners and people who repair them.

Today I'm thankful for our AC being fixed!!, the guys who came and worked outside in the heat to fix it, Page finding a way to stay cool(er), being slightly more educated about Disney sequels, and our package from CD Japan being in town. (But not in our home, because we guess it's too hot to deliver packages?)
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