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It's that time again!

It's time for the annual breakdown of our air conditioner! And what better time for it than the week where the average high temperature is predicted to be 110 degrees! (That's about 43 degrees Celsius, for all you metric users.) It makes sense, really, because that's when the poor, old air conditioner is working the hardest. I almost feel bad for pushing it so hard...but it's really hot.

It started last night, pretty much right before we were going to go to bed. We started hearing a strange sound, and there was a smell like inflatable pool toys. We thought, "That can't be right..." Then I walked under the AC filter, and WHAM! pool toy smell was suddenly a lot stronger. So we turned it off, and opened all the windows.

(We just took a water break, and as we walked by the thermostat, Athena looked at it and said, "Oh, good. I thought it was 93 degrees in here, but it's only 92.")

Athena says it's to help us be happier in general, because when we get heatwaves like this, it's usually better temperature-wise to keep the windows closed all night with the AC running. But it gets pretty miserable to not get any fresh air from outside. So now that we have to deal with the heat and no AC, we won't mind so much when we get it back, even if we do have to leave it on all night. We'll just be like, "Yes! Air conditioning! It's not 90 degrees in my apartment! Awesome!"

We weren't sure whether or not we should report it today, it being Sunday and all--we wouldn't want to make the AC repair person work, especially on a Sunday in this heat, and we can handle it for one day. But as we were eating lunch, Page just looked so pitiful. Plus, in all the years we've lived here, we've never gone to the office when we were all dressed up, so I kind of wanted to see how the management people would react. And it was a good opportunity to casually mention church.

So now the air conditioner has been reported, and the apartment repair guy came and looked at it and said he thinks something happened to the motor. He told us he'd call and see how soon they can get somebody out to come fix it, but it will probably be a while so do you want some fans? Last time they gave us a huge industrial fan (that you could put ice in), and the noise was too much (plus if you put ice in it, it made it extra cool by the fan, but then it increased overall humidity, which only made things worse), so we declined. Fortunately, I guess we've acclimatized or something, because it doesn't feel that bad.

Today I'm thankful for all the hard work our air conditioner does when it's not broken, the fan in the air purifier, the fan on the ceiling, having plans to go to Mom's air-conditioned house today (we feel a little bad abandoning Page, but at least there will be two fewer people around heating the place up), and having ice cream (plus the fact that the freezer working is not conditional upon the air conditioner working).
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