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Minor success

Well, I'm happy to say that we can be reasonably sure that Page is doing better. And last night, she went inside the cat carrier! We're not sure exactly what triggered it, but what happened was this:

As I was getting ready for bed, Athena pulled out a notebook and started writing in it. Or she was about to start writing, when Page came to get attention, and naturally lay down on top of the notebook. Then she found a cat toy nearby...

Okay, our theory was just blown out of the water, but I'll get to that later.

She started playing with the cat toy, and so left the notebook, at which point Athena started writing. The pen got Page's attention, as some of you may remember that she has been dubbed the Vanquisher of Pens. So then she started licking the paper where Athena had been writing. We're not sure why she started doing that, but we think it might have something to do with whatever the paper in Athena's journal is made out of. She loves that stuff for some reason. So maybe the smell of the ink reminded her of that paper.

Anyway, she licked the paper for a while, and then left. When Athena looked up a while later, she was in the carrier. We think what happened was that, since the paper was from a notebook and not Athena's journal, it was not to her satisfaction. So she remembered there was some actual catnip in the vicinity of the cat carrier, followed the scent, and there she was.

I came out of the bathroom and saw her there, and it was so cute, I would have taken a picture if my camera were not still broken. Athena would have taken a picture with the iPad, but it was in the other room, and she was pretty sure that if she went into the other room, Page would have followed her. So no picture, alas.

But then while I was typing this, Page went into the carrier again, so the paper/catnip theory...well, it might still hold, because she did it before and nothing bad happened. But she's obviously still not particularly comfortable with it, because she didn't stay long. Oh well. Patience. We are making progress.

I was going to talk about Palace Pets, but we just got out of a heated discussion on Facebook, and now I'm too tired to think about anything. Maybe some other time. It's really just a silly thing, but it seemed like it could be fun to talk about. Assuming I had any brain power left.

Today I'm thankful for happy pictures at the Koe no Ouji-sama website to cheer us up, Page going inside her carrier (twice!), finally having time to finish the first part of Chain of Memories last night, getting to see all of Chihayafuru 2, and not having to go outside in the 110 degree weather.
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