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The most exciting thing happening today is that in court, they made it through all the witnesses except for the ones who couldn't come in until Friday, so court is adjourned for two days! That means, we got to have a normal day today! Woohoo! Actually, we were hoping our workload would be such that we had a normal-but-short workday, but alas, it was not to be. Still, we did have a slightly shorter workday, so yay!

In exciting in a not-so-good way news, we're a little worried about Page, for reasons some may consider to by TMI.Collapse )

In the meantime, we also bought a fancy new cat carrier! It's one of the soft-sided ones, with hearts and pink carrying straps! We've left it out for Page to see and get accustomed to, but it's looking like it will be a while before we get any use out of it. Page has found it and explored all around it, but she refuses to go inside. Athena even put catnip on the bottom of it...which got Page to explore all around it again, but she still won't go inside. She did rest a little on the door thingie, though. We think she's just extremely wary of going inside things, which would explain why we couldn't get her interested in the fancy cat bed we bought for her to help her stay warm during the winter. Anyway, this is going to be a long process.

Today I'm thankful for friends who are quick to come help, having a fancy new carrier for Page (which we might be able to use someday), our order from CD Japan being on its way (they actually shipped it Monday morning, which was Sunday night here, but I kept forgetting that I'm thankful for that), having a normal workday today, and getting to watch Undercover Boss Australia last night (even if it made us really, really want pizza).
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