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Name that movie!

No seriously, I want to know what it is. We were waiting for someone to come pick us up and take us to Mom's place, since we'd been invited over for dinner, and we didn't know what time people were coming so we turned on the TV to entertain ourselves while we waited. I decided to check AZN, because for some reason it's never listed on the TV Guide channel, and they were showing a Japanese movie.

When we came in, a guy had just parachuted into a meadow-type area, where he was attacked by dogs, and this guy on a horse comes along and fires his rifle to scare the dogs away. He then sucks something out of the first guy's arm from where he got bitten by one of the dogs, and they go back to the horse guy's castle, where they eat dinner, and the horse guy apologizes because he likes to have his game prepared right in front of him (including the cleaning and skinning and stuff), and says he likes to smoke powdered mandrake root. Then we find out that the woman who was eating dinner with them has to watch the horse guy every day while he rides his horse out by the cliffs.

And that's all we saw. Anybody know what it is?

For the curious, dinner went pretty smoothly, although there was a debate about whether or not a Japanese family would be terribly offended if, in the case that you just could not use chopsticks, you asked for a fork. We think they wouldn't.

Also, the company couldn't make it, so we didn't have a chance to mention how a Japanese PS2 would really help us with work. But when I was talking about how I'm convinced nobody would really notice whether or not our Donald and Goofy costumes were any good should we wear them to a ward function, Mom mentioned posting pictures of our costumes online and offering to sell commissions. And thus it looks like we shall have to figure out our own way of earning the money for a Japanese PS2. Sad.

Tonight I'm thankful for Hawaiian sweet bread, Trance! (FFIX), Cheez-Its, Shinjitsu no Tobira, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
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