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When I logged in to LJ, I did not expect a completely revamped homepage. Wow. It's pretty snazzy.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to update while Athena was still at the courthouse as a matter of efficiency. Afterward, Athena told me that wasn't necessary, so I was debating whether or not to wait until she got home today, and I decided not to for two reasons. First, we have more work to do today than we did yesterday, and second, I finished my to-do list with lots of time to spare. (On second thought, this entry is going to have some stuff that's more of Athena's story to tell than mine, so I think I'll type it up now to save time, but let her read over it before I post it.)

I imagine the most exciting thing going on right now is the trial, but of course Athena can't talk about it, so for all I know, it's extremely boring. Last night she was able to tell me about stuff that wasn't related to the case, like how they had to really emphasize that they're not supposed to say a word to anyone, and that includes email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. Apparently they've been having a hard time keeping jurors off of the internet. One time, they had been hearing evidence on a case for a month, the jurors handed in their verdict, and it was all ready to go. Then they were cleaning up the jury room and found printouts of all the internet research the jury had been doing. The verdict is supposed to be based solely on what's been said in court, so they had to throw out the whole case and do it again. After a month of hearings!

Anyway, I'm told the judge is very nice. He talked to all the prospective jury members and said, "Everyone in the country believes in the right to a fair trial...until they're called in for jury duty."

Oh right, I just remembered something else exciting. It's not going on right now, but it will be soon. The circus is coming to town! It will be here for the Independence Day weekend, and since Sarah and her husband were wondering what to do with their time off, we suggested it. It took a while before we could get a yea or nay from the husband--I think he had to get past whatever it is that makes people think it's not cool to go to the circus. I can sort of understand that, because even I used to have some sort of automatic "boooring!" reaction whenever I heard the word "circus." It's like the terms "mecha anime" and "space opera." For some reason, it seems to cause complete disinterest in the listener, despite all kinds of awesomeness that may (or may not) be involved.

But! we finally got a yes, and so we were able to buy tickets! ...But since it took so long, our seats are in the second to last row! We think it will be fine, because last time we went to the circus, they had aerialists doing high wire stuff above the audience, so for that stuff at least, we'll probably have a really good view. Our only real concern is the animals that are smaller than elephants.

Today I'm thankful for having tickets to the circus!, nice judges, getting my chores done, Athena coming home with fast food last night, and the snazzy new LJ homepage.
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