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Off to Neverland!

It's day one of the trial and I feel like I should have a comment, but I don't. You know, like, "It's day one of the trial and tensions are high," or something like that. Athena's been at the courthouse all day, and I have been here, doing stuff. I did some chores, and I attempted once again to fix my camera. It's just not happening, though. I checked the Canon website, and it looks like I can send it across the country to get fixed for approximately $110, which doesn't seem like too too much, but I really ought to call our friend who works at a camera shop before making any decisions like that.

Last night we watched Peter Pan and found ourselves liking Peter less than usual. He is kind of a major jerk. Usually he's amusing to watch anyway, but not quite so much this time. Of course, I suspect opinions were slightly altered (at least in my case) by the distractingness of the Disney View. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but since a lot of old Disney movies were made with the old almost-square aspect ratio, and a lot of TVs these days are widescreen, Disney does a thing where they fill up the black bars that would be on either side of your screen with artwork to match the feel of the movie. It's worked very nicely on some movies, but for this one (and for Dumbo, I think), it was enormously distracting, especially during the "You Can Fly" sequence, where they kept trying to switch the Disney View art to match each cut, but instead of just cutting back and forth, they had a short fade-in/fade-out thing just didn't work. I don't think it was ever that bad for the rest of the movie, but since the art wasn't a continuation of the background, I think the disconnect also disconnected my focus.

Anyway, while I had less patience for Peter this time around, my opinion of Wendy has improved...not that it was bad to begin with. I've always thought Wendy was a good example of feminine strength. And now I can see where she provides a good alternative for people who really hate the whole "princesses always find happiness through finding a man" thing. Basically, Wendy meets a boy she's been enamored with since before she met him--he's kind of like a celebrity to her. So of course there's some attraction there. But then he turns out to be a huge jerk, and even though he does end up rescuing her in the end, she decides it's just not going to work out and leaves him. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Peter Pan last night, finding out once and for all what to do with mail that isn't ours, the workload not being too heavy today, Page keeping me company, and the vocal versatility of Bill Thompson.
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