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Genealogy, I am doing it♪

Today has been different. There's a special leadership broadcast for the church today, so to help the people who need to go be available, we only had sacrament meeting. That means we were home by ten-thirty! Or more like eleven, because the speakers in sacrament meeting went overtime. They're both used to teaching seminary, so they were probably used to having more time.

So we have had all kinds of time today, which we have mostly spent reading manga and attempting to do genealogy work. Most of our ancestry has been traced back to outside of the United States, which means it's a lot trickier now, and we have found nothing. We almost signed up for an account at a German genealogy site! And then we realized that, since the website was based in France, if it had a German site, it probably had a US site, so we decided to sign up there instead. Sadly, we just do not speak German. We may look into changing that... But anyway, we got an account at that site...and still found nothing. Alas.

(I was thinking of not using "alas" there, but then... see we got this app, which is a super cute storybook app telling the story of Sleeping Beauty, but the English translation (we're pretty sure these apps are developed in Japan) tells it like the queen was sad because she didn't have any children, and a frog came and told her she'd have a daughter, and alas, the daughter was born. And we were like, "Oh my goodness, you did not just use 'alas' there." And that's not the first time we've seen it used (incorrectly) in similar situations. So I'm thinking we should make it a habit to use it properly when the opportunity arises.)

Fortunately, since Athena's going to be working in the Family History Center, there's a sister there who is taking classes to be a certified genealogist, so she should be able to help.

Today I'm thankful for genealogy work (it's kind of like detective work!), having time to watch a movie if we want to, getting to read manga today, having fun with German, and cute little fairy tale storybook apps.
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