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We've been trying to kill time all day, so when do we choose to update LiveJournal? When we finally know that stuff is about to happen. Of course.

See, we had plans to go out and run errands with Mom and the nephew when the nephew woke up from his nap and his parents went on a date. We all thought that would happen at about one o'clock, maybe two. So at three, we were like, "Seriously, what's going on?" We called Mom, and she didn't know, so we commiserated about not knowing how to deal with situations in which you have to be ready to go out and do something at who-knows-when but who-knows-when keeps not coming, and then the nephew showed up at Mom's house, so now we're waiting for them to come get us.

In the meantime, we've had a pretty good day. We slept in, read some Kingdom Hearts manga (our boss wanted some info about the next volume of Days, and we hadn't read it yet, because we figured we'd do that when we translated it)...oh man, that Shiro Amano. There was one thing in the Days game that had us like, "I don't know if that's really in character..." but he managed to make it make sense! Sort of. At least there's an excuse, instead of just because.

Then we played with the World Wildlife Fund app on our iPad, because an email told us they finally have new stories! So we downloaded the update and opened up the monarch butterfly story...and it was all glitchy. Okay, it was just a little glitchy, but the point is we couldn't fold it up and get the origami butterfly. This is the worst! because one of the best parts of that app is tapping the little thing that takes you to a screen where all the origami animals you've gotten fall from the top of the screen into a big pile on top of each other. But now we have no butterfly! Aaaaahhh!

Then we played through another chapter on Symphonica, which is a Square-Enix iOS rhythm game that we found when we were looking for The World Ends With You (which we still haven't gotten... ('cause it costs twenty bucks!)). Since we love rhythm games, and we love classical music (it uses all public domain stuff), and we love Square-Enix...well, we had to get it. And we love it!

And then Mom called while I was writing this (naturally), and we went to the mall with her and Logan. As revenge for the vagueness of timing, Mom was determined to take the boy to the Disney Store and buy him a sword. She had bought him a sword before, and it got confiscated by his parents because he would throw it at the smaller baby that Sarah babysits. While we weren't determined to see this plan through, we weren't entirely opposed to it, and as it just so happened, there was a Captain Hook sword that Logan took a liking to, to the point where he almost started crying when we took it away from him so the cashier could scan it. It has a button on it that makes a clanging sound, and it lights up when it clangs. Mom also bought him a Superman shirt with a cape.

Then we did some other stuff, and now we're home. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for finally having a new story on the WWF app (hopefully it will stop being glitchy), getting to go to the Disney Store, not being completely devoid of photographic methods, having groceries, and t-shirts with capes that velcro onto them.
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