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Well, Athena's been put on a jury and our current work is being more difficult than we thought. Next week is going to be interesting.

In other news, Disney is starting to publicize Frozen. We had really hoped that by the time they started promoting it, they would be like, "Psych! Here's what it's really called!" and it would have turned out that the title Frozen was a joke all along. I don't know what it is--for Tangled, we thought it was okay, but Frozen is just...I don't know. Athena says it's the way the word sounds. Also, Frozen is just so obvious. So we're like, "If they really had to give the movie an adjective for a title, why not come up with a better one?" Like Gelid. Nobody would really know what that means, but that's okay, because the point is to not give it a name that sounds like a princess movie, right? I mean, they probably stuck with it because Tangled did so well with its adjective title. (The really sad thing is we know enough people that don't want to be seen viewing princess movies that I think using titles like that as a marketing ploy probably does work.)

Frigid or Glacial might be cool. But glacial would probably be too closely associated with glaciers, and evoke thoughts of the Ice Age, even though glacial probably doesn't come from glacier--they probably both come from the same root as glace, which is French for ice. Or maybe they could get away from the whole "cold" thing and use an adjective that relates to some other aspect of the story.

We're pretty adamant about not watching any trailers for...the movie, because we know we're going to see it anyway, and we like to be surprised, but every time a screencap shows up on Facebook or one of our various Disney emails, I have such mixed feelings. I think it's mostly the idea that people are starting to know about it that bothers me for some reason. Possessiveness? I don't know. The fact that I haven't really liked anything Disney released since Tangled probably doesn't help, but if I remember that I like Tangled, I feel a little better maybe. Except for the fact that I give most of the credit for the awesomeness of Tangled to Glen Keane, and he left Disney. We'll just have to wait and see the movie, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for having plenty of time to work today, fun with adjectives, the cuteness of the strawberry yogurt pretzels we snacked on, Disney Parks Blog remembering the Hercules parade (probably our favorite Disneyland parade to date), and funny things at work.
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