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Today is another day of not knowing what to write about. I thought about posting more pictures, but it's looking like tomorrow's schedule is going to be all kinds of messed up, so I'm reluctant to take the time to do that. Of course, if the alternative is to spend time trying to figure out what to write about, it could very easily balance out. Maybe we'll skip LiveJournal and go read Sherlock Holmes / Durarara!!.

I could post a link to this video that someone posted on Facebook today. It's about the evolution of the swimsuit, and how the bikini came to be. Of course, it also has some opinions about whether or not the bikini is good for women. We haven't looked into the studies the woman in the video sites, so on the one hand we can't vouch for any kind of accuracy, but on the other hand, we tend to agree with her that the bikini seems to be the opposite of empowering for women. This is something we see mentioned on Facebook all the time, with arguments on both sides of should women cover up or should they be able to reveal as much as they want. I don't have a lot of well-thought out thoughts on the subject, but I tend to think that covering up is better.

Several years ago, when Gundam Seed Destiny was a thing, I was making a Meer costume, and I was agonizing over whether I should make it to match the show exactly, or whether I should make it more modest. In the anime, she wears a leotard skirt that...I don't know fashion terms. The skirt is attached to the leotard a few inches below her hips, so that the skin on her hips is bare. Every time we see her, we think, "Whoa, pull your skirt up!" Still, a costume is a costume, and I usually like to be accurate. On the other hand, I don't care much for that particular aspect of the design, and as a religious person, I think it's good not to wear something too revealing. I was really torn about it, and then a friend of ours who is not a member of our church said (and I paraphrase), "Make it more modest, or you'll regret it." She was very definite, I felt. So I decided to make the costume more modest. I couldn't say whether or not I would have regretted showing off my hips like that, because I didn't, but I can definitely say I don't regret covering them up. I still got a lot of attention in that costume, Shokotan called me a genius, and Toshihiko Seki said I was beautiful.

Today I'm thankful for having a little bit of extra free time today, interesting information on the history of swimwear, fond remembrances of Anime Expo, the Habit having the perfect fries for our Plans, and getting our work done today despite distractions from door-to-door energy salesmen.
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