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Another day at the zoo

As you may or may not have noticed, we didn't update LiveJournal yesterday. We went to the zoo, and that wore us out, mainly because we didn't keep ourselves properly hydrated, and because we don't have good upper body strength (we were carrying Logan a lot). After that, we got distracted watching Doctor Who, and so all our time went away. It turned out to be pretty frustrating, though, because we were watching Classic Doctor Who on Netflix, and it was pretty interesting, like pulp fiction, but kind of like we were thrown into it in the middle. Then on the fifth episode suddenly there was a new doctor, with no explanation, and that's how we figured out that the Classic Doctor Who on Netflix is just a Best of Doctor Who kind of thing, and how is that supposed to help our completionist tendencies?

Anyway, the zoo was pretty fun even if it was tiring. This time, we went with Mom, Steve, Sarah, Logan, Scott, Kimee, and Scott's girlfriend. But I guess a roll call wasn't really necessary, since we kind of ended up being by ourselves with Logan half the time. And there wasn't anything really significant worth reporting...except that we think Logan said "zoo." As we were getting in the car, I said to Logan, "We're going to the zoo! You want to go to the zoo?" I think he nodded but didn't say anything. Later, he said, "Iun shoo." We knew iun was "I want," but we couldn't quite figure out shoo, because he was wearing shoes, so it didn't make sense that he'd be asking for them. Then, in the parking lot to the zoo, he kept saying shoo shoo, and finally it hit me, "Yes, Logan, we're at the zoo!" But we don't have any confirmation that that was an accurate interpretation--mostly all the adults were like, "Ooohhh, that would make sense."

Then when we were in the zoo, there was a big long confusion about tickets for everyone, and Logan just wanted to go! He was pretty good about it--he didn't scream or yell or anything, but he was definitely very fidgety in his stroller. So Mom took him inside before she officially had admission and they hung out at the gift shop for a while, but after everybody got in, people were trying to work out what scheduled things to go to, so Athena just picked Logan up and ran off with him. Fortunately, there was a peacock nearby, because otherwise we wouldn't have seen any animals for a while anyway. (She started to take him one way, then Mom was like, "But the sea lions are this way!" so we started going toward the sea lions and that's when we realized how much walking there is to get to the sea lions. It's not as bad as the line to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, but...)

I want to report that there was a red-ruffed lemur that was hanging upside-down like a bat. I have to write it down, because my camera was broken and I did not get a picture.

We went to see the bird show, and Logan was getting restless waiting, so finally I was going to hand him over to his mom. She was sitting behind me, and I was on the aisle, so I turned to my right, and suddenly all these white birds flew by! It was pretty awesome timing. I think the whole show continued to be a cycle of cool birds flying by!, Logan gets bored waiting for the next thing to happen, and whoosh! there's another bird. After the show, I went to give a dollar to their money-collector bird, and that's when I ran into one of the bird trainers who acknowledged me and Athena by name, thus confirming that he was, in fact, the guy we were going to try to recruit as our LeFou.

After the show we split up, because some people were tired, and some people hadn't seen enough animals. So we took Logan and the teenagers off to see the elephants...and Logan refused to leave. For some reason, he was very interested in the elephants. Sarah suggested it might have something to do with the song about elephants featured in multiple Barney episodes. We also fed the giraffes and went to the petting zoo, where Logan wanted to see the goats, but stayed glued to me the whole time. It's like when we go to Disneyland and want to talk to the characters, or like when you're at Comic Con and you run into a celebrity, and you want to go talk to them, but you don't want to go talk to them. He's starstruck by them, we guess. But I found out one of the goats is named Thor, which is pretty cool. ...Come to think of it, I think it's the one that kept following me around the one time. Maybe he knew of our Norse ancestry.

Eventually it seemed like Logan was just happy playing with the whistle straw that came with Steve's drink at the food court. It also had ridges so he could make noise by pulling it in and out of the cup's lid. Since he was entertained and the teenagers had disappeared (we weren't worried; everyone had a cell phone), we figured we might as well do whatever we want and so we took Logan to see the duikers...where we found out that Logan was willing to put the straw down to look at animals. So he got to see the duikers and the tortoises, and then he got to see the kangaroos as we made our way back to everybody else. But when he was done looking at the kangaroos, he ran off! back to the duikers. We eventually pulled him away again, and it almost felt like we were going to have a repeat of the same events when we passed by the kangaroos again, and he wanted to get out of the stroller and look again. But we did manage to get as far as the zebras (right next to the kangaroos) before Steve called to say, "Hey, where are you, we wanna leave."

So we made our way back, and passed the ostriches (who had a big ball in their enclosure that caught Logan's attention), and the tiger (Logan wanted to see it again, so we made a quick stop to say goodbye), and...the elephants. We really should have tried to take a detour away from the elephants, but we don't know the zoo well enough. We thought we could get off with just saying bye again, but when Athena said, "Say bye!" Logan said, "No!" She tried to walk away, and he'd plead with her to go back, pointing back at the elephants, and one time he did the sign for "more." Maybe if he's signed please... (It was the closest he got to throwing a fit, which I only point out because Scott's girlfriend kept asking, "Is he gonna cry? Is he gonna throw a fit?" Nope, he's pretty laid back.) Eventually, Athena had to say, "You'll get to see them next time," and walk away. But then he got to see Grandma, who had bought him a bubble gun. (The other time he got close to throwing a fit was when his mom took the gun away because no bubbles in the car.)

Also, I wore Logan's hat the whole time. I don't remember why exactly, but I'm pretty sure he's the one who put it on my head.

And then we came home, did a few chores, watched Doctor Who, and got frustrated at the unavailability of classic episodes. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for another good time at the zoo, being recovered from the zoo, bubble guns, finally getting a good look at the otters (well, one of them anyway; it kept squeaking at us), and upside-down lemurs. Oh, and finding out that the zoo has a serval. We didn't get to see it, because it was hiding in the shade and the fencing was such that you couldn't really see through it if the sun was shining on it.
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