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More pictures!

Wow, our paid account just expired. I didn't know that could happen. I mean, I was sort of aware of it, but it hasn't happened in so long. So we just upgraded again. Tadah!

I don't know what to write about today. Maybe I should post more zoo pictures...since it will be a while before we get anymore. We really need to see about getting our camera fixed.

These are from back in, like, March.

When we last left our zoo photo essay, we were in the tropical rainforest aviary. I think I mentioned the building where they had it heated and humidified to real tropical rainforest conditions. Well, when we were in there, looking at all the cool fish and frogs, one of the docents pointed and said, "Oh, and we have a sloth." So we looked up, and whoa! There was a sloth right above our heads!
 photo IMG_2978640x480_zps7c4f4d78.jpg
Okay, it was actually pretty high above our heads (we love our camera's zoom feature), but it was still in the same room, with no fences or anything!

Outside the building, they had a giant hyacinth macaw. Not that it was particularly giant for a hyacinth macaw, just to say that they're pretty giant for a parrot. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to get anyone to pose in the pictures and provide perspective. But take our word for it--it's big.
 photo IMG_2981640x480_zps24e9fd5c.jpg

Here's a monkey. Or a gibbon. We don't remember. But it was standing right there by the fence like it wanted to be in a picture, even if it did look a little grumpy. But I think it will always look grumpy.
 photo IMG_2982640x619_zps80da52ac.jpg

I took a picture of the under-construction otter enclosure.
 photo IMG_2983640x480_zps69970346.jpg
There's otters in it now.

Logan with one of his maiden aunts, feeding a giraffe.
 photo IMG_2985640x480_zps544b5d78.jpg
Their tongues are black!

Not all the wildlife is in cages!
 photo IMG_2987640x480_zps3dbd1fba.jpg

Sarah thinks they move this...what is it, a bulldozer? Dump truck? I don't know, one of those construction vehicles. Sarah thinks they put it wherever stuff is under construction, as a way to get kids to remember the place for when the exhibit is finished. I don't know where it is now that the otter exhibit is done.
 photo IMG_2988640x480_zps22bd222a.jpg

Too cute!
 photo IMG_2992640x480_zpscc286971.jpg

 photo IMG_2994640x480_zps0a66fa3c.jpg

I tried like a million times to get a decent picture of this tiger, but it kept staying on the far side of the enclosure. If I remember correctly, this was the new girl tiger, so she was probably trying to stay as far away from the unfamiliar tourists as she could, and pacing because she was agitated.
 photo IMG_3001640x477_zpsa3494d01.jpg

 photo IMG_3004640x480_zps624b2359.jpg

It was a cool day, so the orangutans had blankets.
 photo IMG_3007640x480_zpsed61abe4.jpg

 photo IMG_3012640x480_zpse3a0c6c9.jpg

But the babies still loved climbing on the fence!
 photo IMG_3019640x480_zps08d19224.jpg

I was so excited when the Andean condor came down to show us it's impressive wingspan!
 photo IMG_3024640x480_zps874cc718.jpg
And again, disappointed in myself for not telling someone to stand in the picture for comparison.

A mood piece.
 photo IMG_3025640x480_zps9326f25c.jpg
Athena reminds me this bird is called a rhinoceros hornbill. I really just wanted the picture for the shape of the beak anyway, so a silhouette is perfect.

 photo IMG_3026640x480_zpsaa7066e0.jpg

 photo IMG_3027640x480_zps467daa15.jpg

 photo IMG_3030640x480_zps173623b1.jpg

And those are all the pictures...well, not all the pictures, but all the ones I'm going to upload from our trip to the zoo with Dad. I still have a bunch from the time we went after that, but they'll have to wait, because we have plans in about ten minutes.

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to upload more pictures, getting all our work done today, the prospect of a slightly less packed day on Monday, Page helping us get our paperwork taken care of earlier, and getting stuff in the mail before it was too late.
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