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Genealogy, I am doing it♪

As you've probably guessed, we're very busy. We're pretty tired, too, as indicated by Athena (my proofreader) thinking I typed "we've" instead of "we're." In her defense, I do that all the time.

Oh right, there was some stuff that happened on Sunday that I didn't talk about because I was busy telling about the wedding. On Sunday, Athena and I got callings in our ward. We each got two! Tadah! I think both of mine amount to "substitute pianist," but because of the different dispositions of the pianists that I'll be subbing for, in Relief Society, I'll probably be sitting out most of the time, while in choir, it seems like I'm the main pianist. I hope the main choir accompanist is okay.

Athena is on the compassionate service committee, and she's been called as a family history consultant! The latter is the more exciting one currently. It actually started a couple of months ago when we had an activity in our old ward. We all went to the Family History Center to learn how to index names for Family Search Indexing. I guess Athena and I were the ward's indexing experts, so instead of indexing names ourselves, we went around helping everyone else do it. While all that went down, the guy in charge said to us, "We should get you a shift here!" And, since we feel like we need to be better at contributing to society, we said sure!

But first he had to make it official by talking to our bishop. Only then our bishop was out of town, and then we were aging out of our ward, and then our new ward didn't get our records right away. But now it's official, and we'll probably get started next week, but the guy in charge wasn't at church on Sunday, so we haven't talked to him yet.

In the meantime, we've been looking into our own genealogy, and we've found some pretty cool stuff. Like apparently our great great great great grandfather stood up to Napoleon! ...We have yet to find corroborating evidence for the story, however. Speaking of things that can't be proven (although I think that they could be with proper research, assuming the right records still exist somewhere), one of our great grandmothers is from Sweden (that part can be proven), and a lot of her genealogy is well-documented. It even goes back as far as Gorm the Old, the first king of Denmark...okay, so legend has it that there were kings of Denmark before him, but according to Wikipedia, no one knows how much of their stories is true and how much is myth. But on our family tree (at Family Search), the line goes as far back as Odin. Now I know why there was the one time Dad was telling us we should start studying Norse mythology. Anyway, I wonder if Odin was based on a real person.

When we told Gaston about the Odin thing, he said, "I don't know, you don't look like Anthony Hopkins!"

Today I'm thankful for having new callings, getting the books we were waiting for, having some time to practice the choir music, cool stories about our ancestors, and having time for Kingdom Hearts today.
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